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Ángel Rubio is the police partner of investigator Raquel Murillo, and the Deputy Investigator of the heist. He is married to Mari Carmen, however is compassionate in Raquel Murillo, whom are very good friends.


Part 1

He has been through stressful situations, for instance trying to identify the perpetrators of the heist by disguising himself as a nurse. Unfortunately for him, this plan backfired when the perpetrators placed bugging devices on his glasses which would reveal the operations within the police to the Professor.

He was involved with searching the Professor's car, the investigation of the Retroxil drug purchase in Toledo and a meet-up with 'Salva', where he was oblivious that Salva was the professor.

As Raquel got suspicious of a mole in the Police Force, she decides that Ángel was the mole, jeopardising their relationship. She insults Ángel multiple times and orders him to be handcuffed. He tries his best to explain to Raquel over the phone that he wasn't the mole, but Raquel wouldn't pick up the phone.

He fell into a coma after a car accident, where the vehicle he was in flipped over on the expressway.



Ángel is an intelligent and trustworthy agent. He is well liked by everyone. He has been friends for Raquel for a very long time. He is a married man yet he has had feelings for Raquel for quite a while and says he would leave his wife for her but he knows she doesn't see him in that way. His jealousy of Salva led him to investigate him behind Raquel's back as he was angry that she could just fall for a random guy she met at a bar coincidentally when the heist begun yet wouldn't think of being with him. He eventually discovered the Professors identity due to his jealousy. However, when Raquel accuses Ángel of being the mole he loses it and he gets drunk and goes for a drive where he crashes and is left in a coma.


Raquel Murillo

Raquel and Ángel had worked together and been friends for many years. Ángel had feelings for Raquel, but she refused to be in a relationship with him because they were colleagues. However, Raquel later dated another colleague Alberto Vicuña, much to Ángel's dismay. Ángel ended up marrying another woman, but he claims that he would be willing to leave his wife instantly for Raquel, if Raquel agrees to be with him.

Mari Carmen

Mari Carmen was married to Ángel during the Royal Mint of Spain heist. After finally having enough of Ángel's unloyal behavior in their relationship, she divorced him. It is assumed Ángel and Mari Carmen have not spoken since.



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