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48 Meters Underground  es.  48 metros bajo el suelo ) is the third episode of Part 3 of Netflix's Money Heist. It aired on July 19, 2019.


Tokyo and Nairobi's efforts go drastically awry. The Professor recalls Berlín detailing how they'd steal the gold from the water-logged vault.


! Warning: This section contains spoilers.

After the Bank of Spain is attacked, the guards activate Code Red and order for it to be closed off. As explained by the Professor, no one will be allowed to enter or leave for an hour.

Nairobi and Tokyo try to get the Governor of the bank to leave. He interrogates Nairobi as Tokyo turns on a tap in the adjoining bathroom, flooding the floor. Then she storms in and tries to lead the Governor out, but César Gandía is holding a gun to Nairobi’s head. Only when the Governor forces him to release her does he do so, reluctantly. But Gandía and the other guards follow Tokyo and Nairobi as they drag out the Governor towards the elevator. Suddenly the Governor breaks free and shots are fired as Tokyo and Nairobi try to escape.

Palermo introduces himself to the hostages. He orders them to put on masks and hand their mobile phones to Denver.

In flashback, at lunch, Helsinki shows a tattoo of a bear on his stomach. Denver recounts how he would have named his unborn daughter Cynthia, but it turned out to be a boy, hence Cincinnati.

Nairobi and Tokyo order the guards to drop their arms when Palermo intervenes. Gandía refuses to release the girls. At Palermo’s insistence, Gandía pretends to lower his gun but then starts shooting. This is too much for the Professor to bear (he was observing everything from his station in an RV). Palermo is temporarily blinded from the shrapnel. He is stretchered off to a safe spot where Tokyo tries to remove the glass shards, but he does not trust her.

Nairobi informs the hostages that explosives are placed at every entrance, so they better not try to escape. She introduces Bogotá who selects four volunteers to work in the vault. One of them, Matías Caño, despite not wanting to volunteer, is forced to go along.

As the CNI, led by Luis Tamayo, arrives, Ángel leads him to the police tent. Colonel Prieto puts Luis in charge and asks him to call up Alicia Sierra. Luis asks her to come over to Madrid with Rio.

In flashback, Andrés tells Sergio that he has only three years to live. But he wants to continue with the heist as it is their masterpiece. Berlin continues to explain the plan to weld the antechamber to the vault to the Professor as it takes place (below).

Nairobi orders the four hostages to make a hole in the door to the vault and weld the connecting antechamber before the vault fills up with water, which takes 16 minutes and 15 seconds. As soon as they start welding, the alarm sounds. Bogotá goes in and does the job. When the alarm stops, Nairobi enters a bathyscaphe and joins him in the flooded chamber. Ecstatically, she takes two ingots of gold, and they come out.


Main Cast

Supporting Cast


  • Feeling Good- Michael Bublé [1]
  • Another Sunny Day- Belle and Sebastian [2]
  • Guajira Guantanamera - Compay Segundo [3]


  • In this episode, Nairobi reveals to the hostages that 460kg of explosives are attached to the doors and windows of the Bank of Spain.
  • According to Money Heist: The Phenomenon, the Gold Vault is filmed in Pinewood Studios and takes a lot of editing and hard work to get the underwater gold vault right.