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Alberto Vicuña is a police officer who worked in the Spanish Forensic Department. He is the ex-husband of Raquel Murillo.


Alberto worked in the Spanish Forensic Department. He was married to Raquel Murillo and had a daughter Paula Vicuña Murillo. However, due to his abuse, they later divorced.


Alberto is usually seen wearing a brown overcoat and black long-sleeved shirt. On duty he carries a white briefcase and wears a hazmat suit and N-95 mask.


Alberto is a violent and manipulative man. Despite this, he is quite well-liked among the police force, which made it difficult for Raquel to report his abuse. Even Raquel's sister fell in love with him a few months after him and Raquel separated.[1]


Raquel Murillo

Raquel was married to Alberto, a colleague who worked in forensics in the Spanish Police. She has a daughter, Paula Vicuña Murillo, with him. They later divorced due to domestic violence and Raquel filed a restraining order against him.

During this time, Alberto started dating Raquel's sister Laura Murillo, to make everyone, including her mother, think that she accused him of domestic violence out of jealousy. Raquel ended up getting sole custody of her daughter.

According to the restraining order, he can only see his daughter, Paula, every 15 days and he cannot enter Raquel's house. However, Alberto often breaches the terms of the restraining order and takes advantage of the fact that Raquel's mother, Mariví Fuentes, has dementia.[2]

The Professor

Alberto met the Professor, when he was disguised as Salva. Alberto did not like the Professor and his relationship with Raquel. They first meet at The Toledo House and get into an argument when Alberto drives the Professor back to Madrid. Their argument culminates in a fist fight which the Professor quickly wins. With this, Alberto uses the chance to arrest the Professor under the assumption that he is Salva.



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