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Alfonso Prieto is a colonel who was in charge of the military during both the robbery of the Royal Mint, and the robbery of the Bank of Spain.

During the first heist, it is Prieto's primary focus to rescue Alison Parker, daughter of the British ambassador, in order to prevent the affair from becoming an international diplomatic incident.

He suffered PTSD after failing to stop the robbery of the Royal Mint.


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Prieto makes a brief appearance in part 3. Due to the health conditions he suffered from the first heist, he is traumatized when he sees that a new heist is surfacing and spends little time in the tent with the other officers before he is told to return home and rest.

Part 4

Prieto comes back when the news of the details of the torture that RĂ­o suffered in Algeria comes to light. He is brought into the tent to answer Tamayo's questions about whether he had RĂ­o buried alive. Prieto is then told by Tamayo to hold a press conference and deny everything that RĂ­o has mentioned. During the conference, however, the professor drops a video of an Algerian police officer who confirms that they were paid 200,000 euros by Prieto to torture RĂ­o in any way they could over the span of two months. After this news comes to light, Prieto is seen leaving the press conference with police officers and it is clear that he has taken the fall for the the CNI and is being arrested for the illegal arrest and torture of RĂ­o.


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