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Alison Parker is a secondary character in the Netflix series Money Heist, portrayed by actress María Pedraza. She is one of the hostages that were held in the Royal Mint of Spain.


Alison is the daughter of Sir Benjamin Parker, the British Ambassador in Spain. Her father has taken her hunting regularly since she was five years old, but what she really wants to do is dance.[3]

Part 1

Alison was a student visiting the Royal Mint of Spain with her classmates from Brighton College when the heist took place. Unbeknownst to her, she was instrumental to the timing of the heist, as The Professor knew she would be an important hostage.

Because she was so important, Arturo told her to hide while Inspector Raquel was in the Royal Mint of Spain to check if everybody is alive. If she wouldn't be found, police would enter the Mint. She was found by Nairobi.

Physical Appearance

Alison has curly brown hair.


Alison is shy and has low self-esteem. She becomes a target for her classmates who constantly harass her.


Pablo Ruiz

On the way to the Royal Mint of Spain, Pablo sits next to Alison and asks her out. She is a little surprised, but she accepts. Once they are in the factory, they go into the bathroom to make out. Pablo suggests taking a sexy photo together, which Alison accepts, but to her surprise, he takes her bra off the moment that the photo is taken and posts the picture on Alison's social media account, despite her objections. They are eventually found by Tokyo and they join the other hostages.[4]

Later, on October 23, when the police have decided to save Alison instead of 8 hostages, he intimidates her with several of his friends, until they are stopped by Nairobi who send them out.[5]


After witnessing Alison being mocked and humiliated by her classmates, Nairobi stands up for her and helps Alison gain confidence.[6]


After Tokyo witnesses Rio and Alison talking in the bathroom, Tokyo becomes jealous. After Rio leaves, she intimidates Alison and kisses her.


  • Alison is a dual Spanish-British citizen.
  • Alison's phone PIN is 2078.


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