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Ariadna Cascales is an employee of the Royal Mint of Spain who is taken hostage.


Part 1

Ariadna is an employee of the mint who is taken hostage. Not much is known about her background, however she takes Sertraline, an anti-anxiety medication.

During the heist, Ariadna witnesses hostages being intimidated and taken away. Out of fear, she "seduces" the leader of the heist, Berlin, thinking that it will increase her odds of surviving.

Part 2

During the final shootout, she is forced by Berlin to take part. However, she survives as she is seen alive after Berlin dies.

Physical Appearance

Ariadna has brown hair.




During the heist at the Royal Mint of Spain, Berlin meets Ariadna Cascales, an employee of the mint who is taken hostage. Early in the heist, when Ariadna trembles in fear, Berlin approaches her to tell her than he is not a monster. Later, when she and four other girls are sent to a room and she witnesses her fellow hostages being intimidated and taken away, Ariadna begins to panic. Fearing for her life, she asks to speak privately with Berlin. In an office, she "seduces" him, thinking that it will increase her odds of surviving the heist. They regularly have sex, which Ariadna describes to Mónica as rape. In return, Berlin provides her with tranquilizers. Ariadna confesses that Berlin has plans to marry her, but she only intends to stay with him for survival and to get a portion of the heist money.[1] Nairobi later reveals this information to Berlin.

During the final shootout with police, Berlin forces Ariadna to stay with him while he guards the tunnel that the other crew members are escaping from. Berlin dies during the shootout and it is assumed that Ariadna was rescued.