Arturo Román is a character in the Netflix series Money Heist, portrayed by actor Enrique Arce. He was the general director of the Royal Mint of Spain before the heist took place.


Part 1

Arturo was married, but having an affair with his secretary, Mónica Gaztambide, and she got pregnant with his son. As one of the hostages, Arturo constantly got himself in trouble due to his attempts to defy the robbers and stage uprisings within the Royal Mint, for example by getting shot and needing a surgeon. After the heist, he became something of a celebrity, giving talks about his experience.

Part 3

When the crew returned to Spain to rob the Bank of Spain, Arturo approached the building and ran inside when the entrance doors were about to close, becoming a hostage again. He tried to manipulate other hostages to go against the robbers, much like in the previous heist. This time, however, the attempts were marred by his predatory behavior towards women; he drugged and raped Amanda, and later tried to do the same to Manila.

Physical Appearance

Arturo has short brown hair.


Arturo is a coward who tries to escape from severe consequences by letting others do the deeds, putting the other hostages into danger.

He's also a huge attention seeker, as seen in Part 4 where he explicitly states that he wants to be the hero who saves all of them.

He's extremely desperate sexually, making use of women to satisfy his own needs by giving them sleep-inducing anxiety pills.


Mónica Gaztambide

Monica was having an affair with Arturo and became pregnant with his child. During the heist, Denver made her realise how horrible Arturo really was and the pair quickly fell in love and as she escaped with Denver, Arturo has never met his child who was later named Cincinnati.


Helsinki likes to make Arturo nervous, often belittling him by calling him "Arturito". In the last hours of the robbery, he covered him with fake explosives to scare him.[1]

Pablo Ruiz

During the heist, Arturo and Pablo develop a friendship.

Both Arturo and Pablo are chosen by Moscow to dig a tunnel. Arturo suggests that Pablo check what is hidden under a tarpaulin a few metres away. Under the tarpaulin are weapons, gasoline cans and explosives in the crate.[2]

Later, Pablo follows Arturo's plan to hide tools in the toilet for another hostage, Jacinto, to retrieve. Using these tools, the hostages manage to knock out Oslo and then attempt to escape the Royal Mint of Spain.



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