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Astray  Spanish:   La deriva ) is the eighth and final episode of Part 3 of Netflix's Money Heist. It aired on July 19, 2019.


Tokyo attempts to drown her sorrows. Sierra uses personal tactics to target a vulnerable Nairobi, while Suárez continues to hunt down Raquel.


! Warning: This section contains spoilers.

In flashback, Berlin and the Professor are talking about Tatiana and relationships. Berlin tells the Professor to live life joyfully without worrying about death. It cuts to the present where the police and army are on a massive manhunt to find Lisbon and the Professor. He hides in a tree while she is hiding in a barn. They talk to each other over the walkie-talkie and the Professor apologises for his previous behaviour and she accepts the apology and says how she loves him. Lisbon is then found by a farmer and is put in a Mexican Standoff situation.

Tokyo is upset after Rio breaks up with her and gets drunk in order to forget her feelings, She runs into Denver and Rio and verbally insults them while exposing her brief fling with Denver to hurt Rio. She runs into Nairobi and Bogotá who escort her back upstairs before she causes any trouble.

The Professor desperately calls Palermo and tells him to operate Plan Alcatraz as they are in an urgent situation. In flashback, Lisbon explains that at one point she and the Professor could be under pressure as they will have the whole state force after them. the Professor explains Plan Alcatraz which entails distracting the police into thinking that the robbers are escaping in order to take pressure off the forest manhunt. They use Rio's microchip so that the police can hear the 'escaping' sounds.

Helsinki and Rio begin 'digging' whilst the others join and put on a false show that they're all here and ready to leave. The police get their SWAT teams ready at the tunnels underneath. Stockholm gets the key weapon ready: Sofia the ferret, and she releases her down a pipe. The noise that the ferret makes tricks the police into thinking that it is the gang. The police are appalled to find only a ferret at the other side and that they've been misled.

Alicia figures out that they were faking an escape in order to distract from the forest issue. She encourages the police to continue the Manhunt. Meanwhile, she puts her other plan into action. As she reads through each robbers files, she finds Nairobi's and decides to act on it. She leaves a teddy bear into the Bank, which is the same teddy bear that belonged to Nairobi's son.

As the gang put the bear through security, something appears to be bugging Nairobi. Alicia contacts Nairobi via the phone inside the bear and offers a deal. Nairobi officially refuses in anger but insists on going off with the items. Palermo attempts to stop her but she threatens to shoot him so he stops. Stockholm follows her upstairs.

Suárez and the Police team approach the barn that Lisbon is hiding in. The farmers panic and are not sure whether to hide her or not despite her begging. As police surround the area, they cannot do it and give away her location to the police.

Nairobi explains to Stockholm about her child and why he was taken away from her. Sierra calls her again and this time offers to show that she has her son. She uses Nairobi's son as an emotional pawn to distract her. As Nairobi is staring in awe at her son, Alicia gives a green light to the sniper and Nairobi is gravely shot. Stockholm runs to her aid and screams for help.

Suarez finds Lisbon and demands the Professor's location. She replies that she does not know while the Professor desperately runs to try and save her. He falls to his knees when he hears gunshots thinking that she had been killed.

The robbers desperately help Nairobi as she is in a bad condition. Denver notices army trucks on their way into the bank. Palermo, Denver, Rio and Tokyo prepare for using DEFCON 2 whilst the others reassure Nairobi. They fire missiles at the police, burning some officers and shut the door. Tokyo falls to the floor in tears.

Afterwards, it is revealed that Lisbon is alive and in custody, with Tokyo narrating that the Professor had fallen for his own trap, and that Sierra had ordered Suárez to fake an execution to elicit a drastic response, stating that "the war has begun."


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  • La Deriva - Vetusta Morla [1]
  • Bella Ciao (Versión Lenta de la Música Original de la Serie la Casa de Papel / Money Heist)- Manu Pilas [2]


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