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Bank of Spain Heist is a heist that began on April 4th, 2019 and lasted approximately seven days.


Rio is captured by Europol while he is in Guna Yala. Tokyo meets the Professor at the Sanctuary of Truth in Thailand and tells him about the news. They predict that Rio is being tortured for information as the police have not released any information about his capture. The Professor reunites the robbers from the Royal Mint of Spain, Lisbon (former police officer Raquel Murillo) and Stockholm (Mónica Gaztambide, Denver's wife) and explains his plan to save Rio. He recalls a plan to rob the Bank of Spain that he and Berlin discussed while they were in Italy.

Notable Participants





D Day

On D Day  es.  la hora cero ), ‚ā¨140 million is dropped over Madrid via zeppelin, resulting in chaos as people scramble to grab the falling cash. As the money is falling, the Professor appears on the TV screens at Callao Square. He takes off his mask to reveal his face and tells the public that Rio has been captured.

Police are deployed to handle the situation and the First Squad of BRIPAC's Sixth Company is sent to the Bank of Spain. However, minutes before their arrival, the robbers show up at the Bank of Spain dressed as the military and are allowed inside the bank. Once inside the bank, the gang guide the hostages into the main lobby, pretending to protect them as they blow up the building to make it look like an attack.[1][2]


The professor discussed the plan on using the Police to move forward with the plans but Gandia then managed to protect the Governor from the Robbers and in the conflict managed to blind Palermo using a shard of Glass.

Flipper Plan

The Flipper plan is enacted when someone touches the vault as it is filled with water. But the Plan never worked since the Governor is a key but it is enacted by one of the Robbers instead.

Return of Rio

Alcatraz Plan

Shooting of Nairobi

As Alicia called Nairobi from outside the bank She brings in a child whom she thought was her son. Alicia then order a sniper to shot Nairobi severely crippling her.

Gandía's escape

Military Intervention

Soldiers were brought to the bank to end the robbery. The soldiers were led by Sagasta and the team included Arantxa Arteche, Ramiro Vázquez, César Gandía, Mateo Canalejas, Salvador Torrecilla, Lucas Hernando and Isaac Cobo.

A grenade belonging to Gandía killed Mateo Canalejas and injured Ramiro Vázquez. Salvador Torrecilla, Lucas Hernando, Isaac Cobo, Cesar Gandia later died as well thanks to Tokyo.

After hearing that so many solders had died, Luis Tamayo wanted to abort the mission, since the only remaining soldiers were Sagasta, Arteche and V√°zquez, but Sagasta is adamant about staying in the bank.

Stolen gold

Tatiana and Rafael, who were denied Berlin's inheritance, arrange for a group of people pretending to be police officers to intercept the robbers while they are transporting the gold. The robbers surrender and are arrested. However, after being stuck in a police van for some time with no sounds of cars, they break out and discover that their gold has been stolen.

Tatiana and Rafael bury the gold in the ground and cover the land with a house and fake lawn.


Sagasta negotiates with the robbers and asks for a surgeon to treat Ramiro V√°zquez. He hands over the dog tag necklaces of the dead soldiers, including Arteche's, leading the gang to believe that she is dead as well. The robbers agree, not knowing that the surgeons are members of the military. Arteche crawls around the air vents in the bank and is guided by √Āngel Rubio. When she reaches the lobby, she flashes her headlight to let Sagasta and Ramiro know to begin the attack.

Ramiro V√°zquez pretends to have a seizure and the surgeons urge Palermo to handcuff them so they can give him emergency surgeyr. He reluctantly agrees and at this moment, Arantxa Arteche jumps from behind him and pins him onto the ground. Palermo orders Helsinki to shoot at the them, but Helsinki, being bedridden due to a broken leg, knew he would not be able to overpower the soldiers and surgeons who were point their guns at him.

Solders from outside break into the bank and arrest the solders one by one. They are rounded up in the lobby.

Tamayo calls the Professor to let him know of the end of the heist. The Professor decides to turn himself in, as he promised that in the case his gang members got arrested, he would join them.

The police interrogate the gang members but get no information about the location of the gold, as none of them knew where it was.