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The "Browning" Machine Gun was a heavy machine gun utilised in the robbery of the National Bank of Spain.


Before Money Heist

The Machine gun was bought on the dark web by Rio, guided by the professor.

Part 1

The Browning is first seen at the first attempt of the police to break into the bank. As they use a micro-camera to look through the door, they see hostages and robbers, all dressed up the same, aiming their guns at them and the middle one revealing the Browning. Out of fear for the machine gun the police decides to retreat.

Part 2

The Browning appears again when the police tries to get in to the bank through a hole made by escaping hostages. As the robbers are under heavy fire, Tokyo runs back and returns with the machine gun. When she starts shooting, the police retreats again.

It’s last appearance happens in the last episode of Part 2. As the robbers are preparing to leave the bank, Berlin orders Helsinki to get the Browning.

Later, when almost everybody has gone through the tunnel, Berlin reveals he plans to stay behind with Ariadna to hold off the police. As the others leave after some talking, Berlin takes his final stand behind the machine gun. As the police rushes in, Berlin starts shooting, making the police hide behind the corners. After numerous failed attempts to rush to him while he is reloading, they decide to blow up the gun with grenades. Which they do, sealing it’s fate.

Part 3

A similar gun, likely the same model, appears in Part 3, also referred to as the “Browning”.


  • Even though it is identified as a "Browning" by Suarez, it is in fact a german MG-42 machine gun from the World War 2 era.