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César Gandía is a character in the Netflix series, Money Heist.


Gandía appears as one of the former hostages in the Bank of Spain but he manages to escape after following advice given to him by Palermo.

He had been the former head of security at the bank. After he managed to escape from the bank, he joined the police in trying to track down members of the heist group.

He was not afraid to start a fight with the gang and escaped from his handcuffs with the help of Palermo and attempted to smother Nairobi but it thwarted by her stabbing him in the neck with a syringe. He also attempted to strangle Helsinki with a noose. He is then able to capture Tokyo. Gandía later tortures and executes Nairobi.

Part 3

Gandía is the Head of Security at the Bank of Spain when the Bank of Spain heist began. He was with the governor at the time of the start of the heist.

Part 4

Gandía holds Nairobi hostage and later shoots her.

Part 5

Gandía returns to the Bank of Spain with a group of other soldiers to fight against the robbers.

Defying Sagasta's orders, Gandía throws a grenade at the robbers, which ends up being thrown back at them and killing Mateo Canalejas.

After Tokyo is shot many times and lying on the ground, Gandía stands over Tokyo to mock her. In a final act of defiance, she detonates the grenades tied on her, killing Gandía and several other soldiers, except for Sagasta, Arteche, and Vazquez.

Physical Appearance

Gandía is bald and has a small scar above his right eye.


An often aggressive man, his temptations are highlighted when Tokyo makes him horny in the panic room. His constant resort to violence also signifies the everlasting impact of being a special ops agent. In addition, his assassin skills are put to the test when fighting the gang in the Bank of Spain.

Physical Prowess

"He's an assassin"

― The Professor[source]

Following Berlin's visit to Bank of Spain, Palermo began investigating Gandia's background in an attempt to anticipate potential threats to the plan. Confirming Berlin's suspicions, it was revealed that Gandia was in fact a member of the armed forces; presumed to had taken part in "black operations" based on the absence of official records during his years in the military. This granted Gandia mastery in numerous fields including, but not limited to,

  • assassination techniques - a display of this was shown when he surreptitiously threw a noose around Helsinki's neck;
  • stealthiness - combined with his knowledge of the Bank of Spain's layout, Gandia was able to navigate through the air duct system and sneaked into the room where Nairobi was being treated and the Minister's restroom which contains a secret passage to the panic room.
  • increased overall physical abilities -
    • power - Gandia was able to tug the rope whose end was supporting Helsinki's full body weight.
    • endurance - Despite being shot at his body armor by Stockholm (during the hallway fight) and by Helsinki (during Nairobi's hostage situation), Gandia was able to get back up quickly and shows no display of any limp.
    • pain tolerance - while dislocating his own metacarpal, Gandia was able to keep quiet (though his expression didn't follow) and not alert Rio who was guarding the hostages.


Mario Urbaneja

César Gandía is the head body guard of the Bank of Spain. His primary job is to protect Urbaneja. At the beginning of the Bank of Spain heist, Gandía protects and risks his life for Urabneja.


  • According to Palermo, Gandía goes to the firing range every Sunday and likes reading about armaments.[1]


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