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Episode 11 is the eleventh episode of Part 1 of Netflix's Money Heist. It aired on December 20, 2017.


Ángel and Raquel question each other's loyalties. Mónica makes a move on Denver. Río is faced with a difficult decision.


! Warning: This section contains spoilers.

A stunned Ángel tells Raquel that he cannot believe that anyone other than the two of them could know about the drug. Meanwhile, the gang is ecstatic when Moscow hits dirt after digging in the vault.

Arturo convinces a security guard, Jacinto, to listen to his escape plan in the toilet. Raquel is informed by her team about the explosives that the robbers have placed at all the entrances.

Raquel offers Rio a reduced sentence if he surrenders. Rio counters her offer with the much more likely scenario, which had already been explained by the Professor: hundreds of years in jail at the minimum. He lies to her that he would like a pardon from the Prime Minister on television, but when she asks the Professor’s name, he refuses. Moscow is angry with him, but Tokyo learns from him that he would have liked to accept the deal.

Arturo informs Pablo that he has to steal tools from the cellar and place them in the toilet for the escape plan. Berlin warns Alison not to go overboard with her rebelliousness. Ángel tries in vain to convince Raquel that it is “Salva”, the strange man in the café, who should be suspected, but she refuses to believe him, as she feels that he is a traitor. Raquel wants to meet “Salva” in the café for dinner.

Jacinto filches the tools for Arturo from the toilet. Denver brings in treats for Mónica, and they make love. He praises her for her bravery. A despondent Ángel records a message for Raquel, imploring her to believe that he is not the mole.

Raquel, now suspicious of “Salva”, threatens him to allow her to see his hideout, failing which she will be forced to send the police there.


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