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Episode 12 is the twelfth episode of Part 1 of Netflix's Money Heist. It aired on December 20, 2017.


Arturo continues to formulate an escape plan for a group of hostages. The Professor reveals who gave him the idea for the heist.


! Warning: This section contains spoilers.

While drinking and driving, an anguished Ángel records a message for Raquel, on how he went to great lengths for her at the expense of his own wife. Raquel, on her part, has Salva at gunpoint in his warehouse while uncovering things from under the tarpaulins. When Raquel tastes the cider that Salva claimed to be making, she is convinced of his good intentions and apologises to him. Then they kiss and make out.

Some time later, Ángel receives a call from Pilar from the forensic department. She tells him that the fingerprints in the Seat Ibiza car correspond exactly with those on a spoon that he had retrieved from the Professor’s warehouse.

Arturo wants to rescue Mónica as she is pregnant. He pleads with Helsinki to meet her, who agrees. Raquel is sorry for not being able to stay the night with Salva as she must be home to prepare her child, Paula, for school. But he plays the piano for her, seducing her.

Unable to reach Raquel, a desperate Ángel records another message, saying that it is none other than Salva, the guy who claimed to make cider, who has been trying to get close to Raquel to extract information from her. Suddenly, his phone runs out of juice. Before he can react, his car hits an obstacle, is sent flying into the air and crash-lands upside-down, the windshield smashing to smithereens.

Arturo catches Mónica having sex with Denver in the vault. Appalled, he orders Helsinki to take her away, despite her protests, and takes on Denver. Jacinto, having unshackled himself with the tools, sees that Oslo (who has arrived with food) has noticed him. Quickly, he knocks Oslo unconscious and leads out the other hostages in the room. Denver threatens to kill Arturo, forcing the latter to reveal that the hostages are escaping.

After the hostages take cover, Jacinto smashes a cart at a bombed entrance in the loading area from afar. The explosion spurs the police into action to rescue the escaping hostages. Ángel, in a critical coma, is rescued from the wreckage. When Raquel hears of it on the news, she rushes to the hospital. His wife Mari Carmen shows her a CCTV video of the crash which shows that he intentionally wanted to end up dead. Raquel has no words for Mari Carmen’s grief.

In a flashback, the Professor reminisces to Nairobi that he got inspiration from his father’s own heists to print money without robbing or hurting anyone, and that the entire heist was in memory of his father.

In the present, the police fires at a sheet that some of the robbers are holding up at the entrance. When it collapses and Helsinki is injured by the firing, the robbers fire back. The police enters the place with the robbers cowering for their lives. Tokyo fires a heavy machine gun at the police. Helsinki rushes to look for Oslo, only to find him comatose. All along, the Professor watches the chaos unfold.


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  • Cristina Saavedra as herself


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