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Episode 13 is the thirteenth and final episode of Part 1 of Netflix's Money Heist. It aired on December 20, 2017.


The Professor meets Raquel's mother under stressful circumstances. At the Mint, the thieves offer the hostages a decision: money or freedom?


! Warning: This section contains spoilers.

The robbers gather around Oslo, who is in a vegetative state. Helsinki is vainly hopeful that he will recover. Mercedes learns that Pablo, her student, had escaped along with 15 other hostages. Exalted, she starts clapping, followed by the other hostages present, until Tokyo fires to bring order and forces a defiant Mercedes to sit.

In a flashback, the Professor explains the importance of holding control over the hostages as they gain confidence, and to offer them the choice of money or freedom. Some members of the gang make the offer to individual hostages.

The police is interrogating the escaped hostages, when Raquel enters, and they are led out. Colonel Prieto shows her the camera installed in Ángel’s retrieved spectacles, proving that he was not a traitor as she had thought. She listens in horror to the messages that he recorded, claiming his innocence, thereby filling up her voicemail. Her mother, Mari, who received his last message, notes down that the spy was Salva. Completely benumbed, Raquel runs to the mint and stands, waiting to be shot by Helsinki, till her colleagues take her away.

Ariadna wants to escape from Berlin’s clutches, but he would rather she stay, whereas Mónica is more than happy to stay with Denver. Not knowing his identity, Mari informs Raquel’s friend (Salva) about the message that Ángel had left for her, revealing that Salva was the mole. Trembling, he resolves to kill Mari at her home with a heavy heart.

Oslo is as motionless as ever. Nairobi wants him to be hospitalised, but Berlin threatens her, repeating that no one is to leave. She is stopped by Helsinki. He says that Oslo had agreed with him that he would rather die than be jailed.

Salva adds a teaspoon of dioxin to Mari’s coffee behind her back, so that she would die of cardiac arrest within the hour. But she praises him for being a good partner for her daughter. Racked by guilt, he watches in horror as she brings the coffee to her lips. In a flash, he knocks the cup from her hand and it shatters against the wall. The old lady believes she dropped the cup in her absent-mindedness, little knowing that her would-be killer, still trembling, has just saved her from certain death.

Helsinki now threatens to hit Arturo on the head in the way that left his comrade mute and vegetative for life. Arturo retorts that there was no way the hostages weren’t going to try to escape their fate. Helsinki is unable to deliver the blow.

Salva, with a note containing Ángel’s written-down message in his hand, listens to the same message from the home phone, then deletes it. Raquel arrives and, relieved, falls in his arms. Her mother invites them to lunch. Raquel leaves the table midway to call Suarez and ask him to search for an estate near the pharmacy in Toledo where shooting practice can take place easily without disturbing anyone. When Suarez informs her of such a place, she asks Salva to drive her there.

Nairobi and Tokyo ask the hostages to choose between being their accomplice and getting €1 million or crossing the line to so-called “freedom”. In reality, the latter camp would simply be locked up and tied. This was supposedly to separate the faithfuls from the potential troublemakers. Most, including Alison and Arturo, stay behind.

In a flashback, Berlin (addressing the Professor by his real name, Sergio) tells him to escape should anything go wrong during the heist. The Professor assures him of his belief in la Resistencia, and they sing Bella Ciao together. In the present, Raquel leads Salva to an estate filled with police officers combing the property. As he waits in the car, she exults in having found the complete heist plan.

The episode ends with Berlin embracing the Professor: they are brothers after all (revealed at the end of Part 2).


Main Cast

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  • Cristina Saavedra as herself



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