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Episode 2 is the second episode of Part 2 of Netflix's Money Heist. It aired on April 6, 2018.


The police interrogate the first robber to be captured. Furious over Berlín’s recent actions, Río takes a stand against him.


! Warning: This section contains spoilers.

Complaining of a stomach bug, Salva requests Alberto, who is driving him back, to stop at a deserted yard. There, he sifts through the trash, tears a page from a newspaper and sets fire to it with his lighter. As Alberto approaches him, he quickly stuffs the ashes in his wallet before getting back to the car.

Pilar tells Raquel that she did not find anything in Ángel’s car that could have been a sign of tampering. Raquel tells Suárez that the crash was a plot to murder Ángel, set by the person who was helping the gang from outside. Salva accuses Alberto for hitting on not only Raquel’s sister but even his daughter’s teacher, and says that he needs psychiatric help, at which Alberto forces him to get out of the car. They trade blows but Salva easily overpowers Alberto and leaves him unconscious in a field.

Having tied Berlin up with the help of Denver and Rio, Tokyo smashes some vials of his lifesaving medicine, Retroxil, and forces him to tell her about Plan Chernobyl at gunpoint. But he refuses. Tokyo plays Russian roulette with him but the revolver fails to fire every time. As she is about to succeed, Nairobi asks her from outside the door to stop jeopardising the plan. Tokyo taunts back that Nairobi failed at being a mother, abandoning her son for some pills. As Nairobi is about to shoot at her, Moscow stops her.

Berlin asks Tokyo to shoot him, but not before warning her that he and he alone knows the plan and how to get out. As an undeterred Tokyo is about to shoot, Moscow breaks open the door. Tokyo, unable to shoot at Nairobi, breaks down.

Alberto wakes up and places Salva under arrest for assaulting him. At Berlin’s orders, Helsinki, still mourning Oslo’s death, catches Tokyo and ties her up for her mutiny. Berlin mounts her on a cart and pushes her out of the building, where the police unties her. Colonel Prieto orders the policemen to stand clear of her as she may be carrying a bomb. She removes her suit, but when an officer approaches her, she lashes out at him and runs. Rio is shocked and shouts out her name. As Tokyo turns her head back at him, she is caught and tied. It is shown that the Professor’s golden rule for the heist is to buy time. Tokyo complains of breathlessness and is taken to an ambulance.

In a flashback the Professor reveals his name to Tokyo as Sergio Marquina, and makes her believe that he will never fail his comrades, even when everything goes wrong.

As he waits at the police station, the Professor watches the news of Tokyo being captured. Berlin explains to the gang that Tokyo lost her mind, but Rio refuses to believe the “psycopath”. Nairobi tells him that she and the others are siding with the Professor, not Berlin. Rio proceeds to leave the gang, but Berlin injects him with a tranquiliser. A half-naked Tokyo is brought to the police tent and interrogated by Colonel Prieto. When Raquel arrives, she covers her up and asks her straightaway: who is the Professor?


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  • Cristina Saavedra as herself


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  1. Sometimes credited as Xavi Ortuzar