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Episode 3 is the third episode of Part 2 of Netflix'’ Money Heist. It aired on April 6, 2018.


Hoping to learn the Professor’s identity, Raquel appeals to her captive’s emotions. A punishment for “high treason” sparks a revolt among the robbers.


! Warning: This section contains spoilers.

In flashback, it is shown how Rio sets up the system that modifies the Professor’s voice. Rio takes a few tries to get the right voice for him. Then he proceeds to buy weapons and arms from the dark web. The Professor is not happy with Rio’s over-enthusiasm for machine guns, and removes him from the team for his immaturity, angering Tokyo. She confronts him for it, arguing that he is himself rather eccentric. She wants to leave the team, but the Professor tells her that everyone is immature to some extent, which makes them unique, and welcomes Rio back in.

In the present, Salva (the Professor) is allowed to call Raquel from the police station, where he tells her that he has been detained and faces a jail term. She promises to meet him. Raquel wants to know about the Professor from Tokyo. She tells Raquel that, since she was thrown out of primary school because a six-year-old boy had pulled down her pants, her life has mostly gone downhill.

Nairobi confronts Berlin for turning Tokyo over to the police. Berlin retorts that this is a patriarchy and he is its leader. Raquel warns Tokyo that the more time she wastes talking, the longer she will have to be in jail and waste good years of her life. When Rio wakes up, Nairobi tells him how Tokyo had destroyed her only hope, that she could rescue her son. (Tokyo had said that the child would very likely not recognise his mother.) Rio advises her to have another child and start afresh. Nairobi agrees that a child is reason enough to live.

The Professor requests to be taken to the bathroom, where he punches his chest with his shoe in order to better appear as if he was assaulted. Raquel arrives and promises to resolve the matter. In front of Alberto, she has Salva open his shirt to show his injury. Alberto agrees to withdraw his complaint against her and Salva’s handcuffs are removed. Raquel rips apart the detention report and leaves with Salva.

Arturo is chattering with Mercedes when Alison asks him to shut up. She is tired of his constant complaining and wants to leave. Mercedes advises against it but Alison dismisses her concerns and explains her plan to fake injury and run out. Rio jeers at the hostages, saying that their comrades who apparently chose freedom are also locked up. He shouts at Berlin that he will not obey his orders, but is knocked down by Helsinki and taken away.

Raquel offers to reduce the sentences of both Tokyo and Rio. Berlin wants to shoot Rio for treason, but his quivering hand lets him down. Nairobi and Denver arrive in time to stop Berlin from pulling the trigger. At this point the Professor calls Berlin but the call is unanswered. Berlin fires but the bullets do not hit Rio. Rio breaks down inconsolably. Tokyo is being taken away when she blurts out the Professor’s name, Sergio. The Professor calls Raquel to check on the interrogation proceedings. Tokyo lies to Raquel’s face and is immediately taken to jail for her lack of remorse. The Professor calls Berlin and chides him for what he has done to Tokyo and Rio. Nairobi knocks Berlin unconscious and tells the Professor that she is in charge and the matriarchy has begun.


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  1. Sometimes credited as Xabi Ortuzar