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Episode 5 is the fifth episode of Part 1 of Netflix's Money Heist. It aired on December 20, 2017.


The thieves let a medical team enter the Mint, and an undercover policeman sneaks in with them. Can the Professor stay one step ahead of Raquel?


! Warning: This section contains spoilers.

While Arturo Román, who is injured by the police, bleeds out, the robbers all try to operate on him. During the few months in Toledo, the Professor taught them some basic first aid and anatomical knowledge. However, practicing on a body is easier than removing a bullet from a live person, so the robbers decide to wait. On the other hand, Moscow and Denver try to operate Mónica, whose thigh still contains the bullet that Denver had shot into her.

Raquel Murillo decides to take full responsibility for this accident. She then begins a new telephone discussion with the Professor, and the two agree to send a medical team into the Royal Mint of Spain. But Raquel is completely unsettled by the accident she has just caused, and her mother comforts her over the phone. Her mother also learns that she is seeing a man.

Ángel Rubio decides to enter the mint by pretending to be a nurse that is with the medical team coming to treat Arturo. At the same time, Suárez and an agent will infiltrate through the underground conduits, dressed in red suits and masks to assimilate with the hostages.

Arturo asks to call his wife but due to nervousness, he accidentally calls her "Mónica". When the doctors enter the Factory, the Professor realizes that one of them, Ángel, is a policeman. However, he has it all figured out and turns the police plan into a Trojan horse. The robbers insert a mini microphone into Ángel's glasses while they carry out a search, allowing the Professor to overhear police plans.

We learn that Nairobi has a seven-year-old son, Axel, whom she gave birth by caesarean section. He now lives with a foster family. She plans to go get him back and raise him after the heist.


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  • In this episode, we learn that Nairobi has a seven-year-old son, Axel.


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