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Episode 5 is the fifth episode of Part 2 of Netflix's Money Heist. It aired on April 6, 2018.


Arturo tries to set another escape plan in motion. During a conversation with Salva, Raquel spots a tiny detail that gets her mind racing.


! Warning: This section contains spoilers.

Nairobi informs the hostages, including a disbelieving Arturo, that she will keep her promise of giving them €1 million each. A group of clowns enters the hospital, but all but one of them is forced out. The lone clown (the Professor) enters a ward with children and shows them a stuffed toy rabbit. On hearing someone opening the door to Ángel’s former ward, the agents prepare to shoot, but find only a boy who has taken the rabbit, in whose eye a camera is hidden. The Professor sees the room remotely through the camera, and makes good his escape. (The other clowns had arrived at the scene, lured by a fake casting call put out by him.)

A TV reporter announces that there are no open trafficking or pimping cases against Fonollosa (Berlin), and that the misinformation may have been a ploy by the police to negatively impact the public opinion of the robbers. Arturo points his real gun at Denver, who is astonished to find that his own gun is fake. Just as Berlin tells Rio that the Professor has promised to free Tokyo, Rio alerts him that the hostages are likely escaping. Arturo drags Denver and asks Mónica to open the doors. Rio quickly blocks the doors and arrives along with Berlin, Moscow and Nairobi. As Arturo is about to shoot Denver, Denver bites him and he falls in pain. Mónica is torn between her feelings for both Denver and Arturo.

As Raquel reaches Café Hanoi to meet Salva, she finds an envelope in which he has placed photos of beaches they plan to visit. At her request, Salva randomly selects the Palawan beach in the Philippines. Suddenly she notices an orange hair on his suit. She rushes to the bathroom and calls Suárez, who confirms to her that the clown in the hospital was indeed wearing an orange wig. Raquel is hit by the fact that Salva is indeed the person who is helping the robbers from outside. Meanwhile a handcuffed Tokyo is being taken to the High Court, and Mónica realises that she has irreversably sided with the robbers.

Raquel calls Alberto who says that Salva provoked him and that he did not touch Salva. Pilar arrives, and then he orders her to compare the fingerprints on the police station trays and Alberto’s car handle with those on the spoon Ángel had brought. Raquel emerges from the ladies’ bathroom and asks Salva to go there. She has him handcuffed and puts him under arrest.

A sleep-deprived Helsinki, along with Rio, catch Arturo and order him to undress. Helsinki snatches the stolen money from him and tapes explosives to his body as punishment for his misdeeds. If Arturo moves slightly or sweats, he will blow up. Mónica is angry with herself for not opening the doors in time, and Denver agrees with her that she will no doubt be jailed if she stays behind. He proposes that she join the robbers under the name of Stockholm.

Raquel drives Salva to the Toledo House and forces him in. Berlin offers to give Ariadna a ticket to a faraway place, so he can spend his last days with her. Nairobi is exhausted from ordering the hostages about, and Berlin asks to take back control from her. He orders the hostages to dig the tunnel ceaselessly unless they want to end up like Arturo, a living human bomb.


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  • Cristina Saavedra as herself


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  1. The actor is also known as Alberto Lobo.