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Episode 6 is the sixth episode of Part 2 of Netflix's Money Heist. It aired on April 6, 2018.


After confessing a long-held secret, Moscow loses his son’s trust. A contingency plan to free Tokyo hits a snag, forcing her to improvise.


! Warning: This section contains spoilers.

After Berlin orders the hostages to start digging the tunnel, the police seismographs detect unusual activity, and 20 men are sent to guard the sewer that the tunnel is leading to. Raquel, who has tied Salva’s hands and left him hanging from the ceiling in the Toledo House, asks who he really is. He replies that he is Sergio Marquina or the Professor, and that he stopped renewing his national ID more than two decades ago, so that it was near-impossible to be framed. She wants to kill and burn him for gaining her trust and fooling her from the start. He confesses that he had indeed fallen in love with her deeply, for which she slaps him repeatedly before driving off. Sergio tries in vain to break his shackles.

Berlin tells Rio that the Professor has four Serbs (who dug a tunnel five years before) on standby should anything go wrong with him. They are the ones who will try to free Tokyo. Tokyo had told Rio to reach her on Alison’s number should he betray the gang and leave. Now Rio takes Alison’s phone and switches it on, which is immediately detected by the police.

A van blocks the path of the car and police van in which Tokyo is being held. The Serbs get down and spray black paint over the windows of the police van before setting a timed fake bomb in it. The two officers in the front of the van fear for their lives and jump out, but no bomb explodes. They are pinned down by the Serbian agents, who then enter the police van. One policeman is frightened but the other holds his gun firmly to Tokyo’s head, until he is threatened to release her to avoid being shot.

Arturo tells Rio that he wants to see his son, but the latter only activates the beeper on Arturo’s explosive-strapped body. Denver shows Mónica a passport-making machine and offers to make one for her with the name of Ágata (which is actually Nairobi’s name). The Serbs who rescued Tokyo give her a police uniform and bulletproof jacket to wear. She is led to a police motorbike and sets off with it, not knowing that the Professor is tied up.

Arturo is not convinced that the bombs taped to his body are real, because they are supposed to explode if he sweats. He wants to take them off. Alison asks him to shut up but he blames her for the whole situation. She forces him to sit quietly. After getting the news that Tokyo escaped, Suárez orders that all the gates to Madrid be blocked so that she cannot leave. Tokyo wants to meet the Professor in the hangar, and only he can let her in, but he is still tied and notices Raquel entering with a heavy briefcase.

Denver tells his father Moscow that he wants to escape with Mónica and raise her child. Moscow warns him against it and recounts his own experience when he abandoned his drug-addict wife several times, only for her to come back. Denver is furious with him for abandoning her. He swears to sever ties with him once they escape.

Raquel has the Professor connected to a lie-detector machine. He confesses that he did not directly cause Ángel’s accident, and the idea of the heist was his father’s, to pay for his hospital bills as he was sick as a child. He swears that his love for her is genuine. Just then, Suárez informs Raquel about Tokyo’s escape and she asks him to have an international arrest warrant issued for her. The Professor tells her how he had pre-planned Tokyo’s escape. Raquel will have none of it and orders him to stand up. As she is leading him out, he grabs her by the throat till she falls unconscious.

Rio calls Tokyo on Alison’s number. They continue to talk, not bothered that they are being tapped by the police. Tokyo proceeds to the Mint itself. Everyone, both the police and the gang, is spurred to action on hearing of Tokyo’s return. The robbers open the door as she speeds in on her bike, surrounded by the police’s firing. She makes it in, but unfortunately Moscow is hit by the firing and gravely injured. He collapses in his son’s arms as Tokyo, for once, appears vaguely remorseful for her actions.


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  1. Sometimes credited as Xavi Ortuzar
  2. Sometimes credited as Mario Mayo
  3. The actor is also known as Alberto Lobo.
  4. 4.0 4.1 4.2 4.3 Uncredited in opening credits for unknown reasons.