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Episode 7 is the seventh episode of Part 1 of Netflix's Money Heist. It aired on December 20, 2017.


A break in the investigation and a mistake by one of the thieves puts the Professor at serious risk of being discovered.


! Warning: This section contains spoilers.

After watching many hours of video surveillance, the police finally find a clue that could be useful to them. The day Rio and Tokyo went into the Royal Mint of Spain to locate the premises, they left their car key at the entrance. The police research the exact model of the vehicle (from the photo of the car keys) and find that it is a Seat Ibiza from 1992.

At the same time, the Professor, who overhears the plan of the police, calls Helsinki to confirm that he indeed had the car destroyed in a car junkyard. The Professor had previously given Helsinki a thousand euros to get the car destroyed. However, Helsinki reveals that he instead sent the money to his family. It is uncertain whether the vehicle is still in the junkyard, whch is dangerous and fingerprints are still on the car.

The Professor therefore decides to go to the junkyard to find the car, but it is closed. He decides to enter anyway and is spotted by the guard, Nikolai Dimitrievich, who pursues him for a while. After he hides in an old car, the guard lifts him up with a crane. When he finally gets down to the ground, the Professor tries to buy his car back. However, as he did not have much money on him, the guard throws him out.

Meanwhile, Berlin has isolated a few women from the rest of the group, presumably to scare them. Rio and Tokyo discuss what awaits them on the outside and the reasons that led them to enter the world of crime.

When returning to the hangar, the Professor receives a call from the police who suggest that he free some hostages. He accepts and gives a list of 8 students ready to be released, but Alison Parker, Colonel Prieto's priority, is not on the list. The Professor finally agrees to release just Alison, instead of 8 hostages, which the police accept. Unfortunately for Raquel, he recorded the conversation and sent it to radio stations across the country to create bad publicity for the police.

Some time later, the search for the car resumes and Raquel orders police to search the nearby scrapyards. Hearing this, the Professor decides to go back to the scrapyard, and begins to disinfect the car. He takes the opportunity to voluntarily drop a button of the Berlin jacket inside, and narrowly escapes the police who have just arrived. To get out of the junkyard without being noticed, he disguises himself as a beggar and manages to get back to the hangar. At the same time, Raquel finds the products he just used to clean the car, and realises that it is too late, as the mastermind of the heist has already left the scene.

We learn that Tokyo's mother died of a heart attack in the months leading up to the heist.


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