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Episode 7 is the seventh episode of Part 2 of Netflix's Money Heist. It aired on April 6, 2018.


With one of their own critically injured, the robbers race against time to save his life. During a moment alone, Ariadna makes a confession to Mónica.


! Warning: This section contains spoilers.

Everyone rushes to help Moscow and attend to his injury. He is bleeding heavily since he has three bullets in his stomach, as his son Denver tells Rio. The Professor shows a gun to Raquel, who has come to, then slowly puts it aside because he wants her to believe that he is telling the truth (since she did not even believe the polygraph). She still does not buy his entreaties and says she will lock him up for decades. He goes out and walks on till she stops him by firing in the air. He challenges her to shoot him now, because he is not going to stop. Raquel is unable to fire a single shot as he gets into her car and drives off with her mobile phone in it.

Tokyo tells Berlin that she will need to call a doctor for Moscow. Berlin calls the police and Colonel Prieto answers. Berlin requests for a surgeon to enter but the Colonel demands that Berlin send Moscow outside, unarmed, which of course he declines. Prieto then notices CCTV footage of Raquel kissing the Professor in Café Hanoi.

Raquel is walking alone on the country road when she spots a tractor and requests to get in. Berlin informs Moscow that an ambulance is waiting outside, but Moscow emphatically refuses to go to jail. He knows that his time is nearly up, and tells Denver that the tunnel needs to be dug in ten hours’ time. The Professor calls Berlin and asks for the situation. He says the Serbs will start digging the tunnel from his end, and he will call in a Ukrainian surgeon. He requests him to get out as soon as possible because he has been discovered.

Raquel arrives at the police tent where she is confronted by Alberto, Suárez and Prieto, who accuse her of removing Ángel from the case, destroying whatever evidence they had of the Professor and conspiring to rescue him from jail. She orders Alberto to leave as he has a restraining order. She insists on proving that she did not know the Professor at the time. Denver is digging the tunnel when he remembers his fight with Moscow and breaks down at the thought of losing him.

Berlin informs Nairobi that the money-printing will continue for a few more hours, after which the machines will be stopped and the records erased. Nairobi asks Torres to print 100- and 200-euro bills instead of 50-euro ones. Tokyo remembers Moscow’s warning that her recklessness caused many lives to be lost, and now he himself is dying because of her. She breaks down in Rio’s arms. Mónica wants Denver to turn in his father, but he wants to dig the tunnel and escape with Moscow, so that he is there by his son’s side when he marries her. Rio joins Denver in the tunnel-digging. Berlin orders the hostages to take all the money out, but he asks Ariadna to wait. He tells her that he still dreams of marrying her even though he will die soon. She pretends to smile. Moscow’s condition worsens and Berlin rushes to get a transfusion.

The Professor calls Raquel. Prieto answers, saying that she is undergoing an investigation into her behaviour and so cannot answer. The Professor requests for a doctor immediately but Prieto refuses stubbornly. He says that the police will track him down before long, so he asks him to surrender. The Professor replies that surrendering was never an option. Suárez points out that many people have sided with the robbers, and view the police as the bad guys. Prieto nevertheless asks him to procure a search warrant from the judge. Seeing that she is no longer needed, Raquel slams her gun and badge on the table and storms out.

In the bathroom, Ariadna asks Mónica why she sided with Denver. She replies that they truly love each other. Ariadna, though, started a relationship with Berlin as she thought she would be killed otherwise. She has never liked him one bit. Nairobi listens as she tells Mónica how she was raped, and that she plans to keep all his money as punishment. Prieto misses Ángel’s presence, as he alone knew the hideout. Raquel steals the comatose Ángel’s police badge and uniform and proceeds to carry out her own investigation. Suddenly, Ángel opens his eyes.


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  • Cristina Saavedra as herself


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  1. Sometimes credited as Xavi Ortuzar