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Episode 8 is the eight episode of Part 1 of Netflix's Money Heist. It aired on December 20, 2017.


Tokyo catches Alison chatting with Río and confronts her. The police suspect a spy is in their midst.


! Warning: This section contains spoilers.

Raquel Murillo's recording of her saying that should would save Alison Parker over 8 hostages is being replayed on all television stations across the country. The media criticises Raquel for making such a decision and claims that she is emotionally unstable. This recording puts public opinion on the robbers' side, which prevents the police from intervening so as not to alienate the Spanish population. After talking to her father, Raquel's daughter decides that she wants to live with her father and aunt. Raquel tries to make Paula realise that it is a bad idea.

In a flashback, the Professor talks to the robbers about the importance of public support over lunch. He talks about how the police refused to enter Puerta del Sol when it was occupied by youngsters in 2011, as the Resistance always has the people's support. He tells the robbers that they will be the Resistance trapped, the way the youngsters were in the Puerta del Sol Resistance.

Due to the police's reluctance to intervene, the robbers can quietly dig the tunnel that will allow them to exit the mint. The two injured hostages, Arturo Román and Mónica Gaztambide, slowly recover emotionally. Francisco Torres, the hostage in charge of printing bank notes, is named “hostage of the year”.

The police develop a plan to regain public support - by passing Berlin off as a former pimp. A few moments later, Raquel learns that Nikolai Dimitrievich, the Russian employee at the car scrapyard, is ready to testify and to draw up a composite portrait of the Professor. When the Professor learns of this, he starts looking for personal information about him on the Internet in order to use it to threaten him.

The police then decide to speak with a former cellmate of Berlin to obtain information about him. He promises to speak only if he is promised a gesture in return. Raquel agrees to do something and the inmate confesses that Berlin used to take Retroxil (a medication) when he was in prison. After this discovery, Ángel begins to do research in the pharmacies around.

Tokyo later overhears Alison and Rio chatting in the bathroom and suspects that she is trying to steal Rio. At the same time, Berlin takes Mercedes to see Silvia, one of her students who Berlin isolated from the other hostages. Mercedes is horrified when she sees that Silvia is tied up and gagged in another room. Finally, Nikolai arrives at the police tent to testify.


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