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Episode 8 is the eighth episode of Part 2 of Netflix's Money Heist. It aired on April 6, 2018.


After being removed from the case due to her relationship with the Professor, Raquel sets out to conduct her own search for the mastermind.


! Warning: This section contains spoilers.

Raquel shows her mother how she is trying to track down the Professor’s hideout based on how far he was from Café Hanoi. She is sure that his movements would have been recorded by the CCTV cameras in the surrounding streets. The Ukrainian doctor meets the Professor and agrees to get the equipment he needs to save Moscow. Raquel asks for camera footage of the surrounding streets for the 23rd of October, the day on which she met the Professor. She narrows down where he might have been.

Moscow mutters to Tokyo that his son Denver hates him. But she tells him that he in fact loves his father, and is a wonderful, noble son. He loves Tokyo as though she were his daughter, as he did his own wife. Denver and Rio are ecstatic at reaching the end of their tunnel-digging as they hear the Professor on the other side. Mónica asks Denver to go up and see his father immediately, or it may be too late.

Denver confesses to Moscow that he could never hate him. Moscow then asks Mónica to take good care of Denver. He asks him to carry on his work without any regrets. Denver weeps inconsolably as Moscow closes his eyes and breathes his last. Everyone is saddened at Moscow’s passing and the Professor, when informed by Berlin, cannot control himself either.

The police gets wind that Raquel is gathering camera footage. Colonel Prieto asks for an intervention protocol to be activated, but Suárez warns him of the impending crisis awaiting them at the Mint. Prieto rebukes him, saying that the police’s so-called concern for public safety has made them the laughing stock of not only Spain but the whole world. He wants to stop the robbers from escaping and disgracing the country. Just then, news arrives that an arrest warrant has been issued for Inspector Raquel Murillo.

Denver utters a prayer for his departed father. Then he seals his coffin, which is next to Oslo’s. Tokyo is ecstatic as she reaches the end of the tunnel and holds the Professor’s hands through the hole. An armed Raquel reaches the warehouse that she has tracked. The Professor emerges through the vault and Berlin, Helsinki and Nairobi embrace him. They proceed to the storeroom where Denver is still weeping over his father’s coffin. Denver hugs the Professor and introduces Mónica to him as Stockholm. Nairobi leads him to the store of money and says that they have printed €984 million, much less than their target of €2.4 billion, but still a great deal of money.

Police agents are patrolling the sewer system. Prieto intends to trap the robbers in the sewers. As police forces reach the Mint, the Professor orders Berlin to move the money and leave. Raquel enters and put a gun to his head. Helsinki removes the (fake) bombs from Arturo and leads him to the tunnel. Raquel is about to capture the Professor when one of the Serbs aims at her. She drags the Professor towards the exit when another Serb captures her.

Suárez briefs his troops on how to enter the sewers, as the hostages transport the printed money to the vault, to be taken by the Serbs through the tunnel. The money is then placed in drums and loaded into trucks. The Professor attends to Raquel, who has been tied and suspended from the ceiling in the same way that he was at the Toledo House. As he gives her water, she bites his hand and kicks him. The Professor insists that falling in love with her was not a part of his plan. He explains how the European Central Bank produces hundreds of billions of euros every year only to line the pockets of the rich, yet no one calls them thieves.

Just then, Ángel calls. Raquel’s phone is tapped, so she calls him with another phone. She breaks down on hearing his voice. He wants her to visit him before she breaks the news of his recovery. She wants to visit Ángel before he can disclose her location. The Professor is not sure if he can trust her, but Raquel is now on his side. When he comes closer, she kisses him passionately. She then leaves for the hospital.


Main Cast

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  • Cristina Saavedra as herself


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  1. The actor is also known as Alberto Lobo.
  2. Sometimes credited as Xavi Ortuzar