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Episode 9 is the ninth and final episode of Part 2 of Netflix's Money Heist. It aired on April 6, 2018.


As the police enter the Mint, Berlín leads the robbers in a final showdown. Will they escape with the 984 million euros — and with their lives intact?


! Warning: This section contains spoilers.

Nairobi is almost done printing €1 billion when Berlin orders her to stop the machines. She informs him that he has destroyed Ariadna’s life, and all Ariadna has left is his money, so she can spit upon him as he is dying. Colonel Prieto is informed of the call Ángel made to Raquel.

Rio has installed some timers and cells to distract the police. Tokyo asks Arturo to make an opening in the wall that leads to the sewer. The police is on high alert. The Professor asks Berlin to leave the Mint immediately. Raquel apologises to Ángel for insulting him and they laugh. He gives her the location of the hangar where the Professor has his base, but she knows already. Suddenly the police arrives and places her under arrest. In front of Ángel, she is tied up and led away.

Tokyo is startled by a sudden explosion by the police. They storm in and fire as Rio drags her away and the two fire back at them. The two lovers quickly embrace in the middle of the shooting. However, Tokyo is shot at, and Rio is in trouble until Denver arrives at the scene. Stockholm (Mónica) joins in the action as well, all guns blazing.

Prieto asks Ángel why Raquel visited him. He replies it was because she is his friend. Prieto threatens to arrest him unless he gives the address of the hangar. Ángel refuses.

The hostages are asked to put on masks. Berlin drags Ariadna along. Suárez orders the people there to remove their masks but Prieto informs him that they are hostages and should be rescued. Soon, almost all the hostages including Alison, Mercedes and Torres run out, safe and sound, after being captive for 128 hours.

Suárez is deterred by the detonators in the sewers, as it will take time to deactivate them. Prieto spots six people escaping through the tunnel. They fire but Arturo reveals himself and they stop. Berlin still believes Ariadna will marry him. Helsinki calls them both to the vault where Nairobi is almost done transporting the entire money through the tunnel. Alison and Mercedes inform Prieto where the robbers have dug an extra tunnel they did not know of, and asks Suárez and team to go there. He orders Raquel to be brought there.

Berlin orders all the robbers to get out through the tunnel immediately, even though Denver is in the tunnel. The Professor informs Berlin that the police is reaching the tunnel. Nairobi wants them all to leave together but Berlin wants to stay behind and hold fort. Ariadna slaps Berlin but he puts a gun to her head and forces her to stay behind. Prieto demands Raquel to tell him the address of the hangar immediately. The police reaches the vault and fires heavily at Berlin and Ariadna, who fire back.

Prieto shows Raquel a court warrant by Alberto requesting custody of her daughter. If she is found guilty, she will lose custody of her to Alberto. Prieto threatens her to choose between her daughter and the Professor. Berlin drags Ariadna to the vault before the police can enter. All the robbers except Berlin reach the Professor through the tunnel. Under pressure, Raquel tells Prieto an address, Alcántara 33.

The Professor calls Berlin and asks him to enter the tunnel as he will blow it up soon. Berlin wants to keep firing at the police and die in the process, instead of getting old. Berlin orders Helsinki to blow up the tunnel but the Professor stops him. Berlin wants to die with dignity after living a wretched life. He stands up and takes all the bullets that the police showers on him. The Professor is heartbroken at losing his elder brother (for Sergio and Andres were half-brothers), and weeps in Helsinki’s arms. Suárez reaches Ariadna and tells her that Berlin is no more. She is rescued off-screen.

Nairobi tells the Professor to keep moving on despite losing Berlin. The police has nearly reached the hangar. They barge in but find it completely empty. Raquel breathes a sigh of relief. Well before the police arrived, the Professor and Helsinki had driven out in a truck, while the others had changed their clothes before they left one by one (except Denver, who walked out with his new partner Mónica). In this way, they make good their escape.

A year after the heist, Raquel is watching TV coverage of it. We are shown that she is sitting in Palawan, in the Philippines, where the Professor had promised to take her. She walks in the streets and reaches a Buddhist temple, beyond which lies a beach. Just then, her phone runs out of juice and she asks a stranger for a charger in English. The Professor offers his.


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  • Cristina Saavedra as herself


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  1. The actor is also known as Alberto Lobo.