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Everything Seemed Insignificant  es.  Todo pareció insignificante ) is the sixth episode of Part 3 of Netflix's Money Heist. It aired on July 19, 2019.


Just as Inspector Sierra orchestrates a plan to sneak a team into the Bank of Spain, the Professor and Raquel lose communication with Palermo.


! Warning: This section contains spoilers.

In flashback, Berlin shows his girlfriend Tatiana to the Professor in the monastery. She is a pianist and a thief, and he has told her about their upcoming Bank of Spain Heist. The Professor fears that she might divulge their secrets to the government, but Berlin reassures him that everyone in the monastery thinks they are academics, not robbers. The Professor emphasises that a romantic relationship should never come in the way of their work.

Palermo informs the Professor that the melting and welding are well on track. A stressed-out Prieto wants Tamayo to drop a big bomb on the bank if need be, but that would land them in trouble. Therefore, Alicia decides to neutralise the Professor's blackmail advantage, by fabricating false information about corrupt dealings by the state using taxpayers' money, and releasing it to the media. In the meantime, they plan to enter the bank.

Miguel, a hostage, is trying to seduce another hostage, Amanda, by talking about constipation. Denver privately orders him to obey and kowtow to him, then advises him on how to go about approaching her.

In their RV, the Professor and Raquel hear the false government secrets being revealed on the radio, and the former realises that the military is soon going to breach all the defences and enter the bank. They spot a car following them and turn abruptly onto a country road. Their RV's antenna falls off while the RV itself gets stuck in mud. Suddenly, a lisping man recognises the Professor, and calls some villagers to help them get the RV out. But the Professor spots a civil guard car from afar and hides with Raquel.

Having lost contact with the Professor, Palermo wants to shoot at the incoming army, but Tokyo reminds him that the Professor's plan would have been to buy time, and not to fire at the crowds outside who supported them. Nairobi tells her that it is far more important now to defend themselves than to worry about Rio. In flashback, too, Nairobi tells Tokyo not to keep worrying about Rio but rather to celebrate the moment, as they join the others in celebrating Mónica's birthday. Bogotá is annoyed by the fact that they all have to eat vegetables because Mónica is a vegan.

In the present, a villager lies to the civil guard that the RV belongs to a professor friend of his. The guard enters and finds it no different from any mobile home. He leaves, to the Professor's relief. At last, the villagers get the RV out of the mud and the Professor waves to them as he leaves with Raquel. Marseille informs them that the military forces are outside the bank, getting ready to pump the narcotic halothane gas.

Tamayo is shocked with Arturo's statements to the media and refuses to release him from the police tent. He thinks Arturo's life is worthless if not for the Royal Mint heist, due to which Arturo has been portraying himself as a public hero.

Suárez and his men enter the bank through the bathroom, but find Miguel there, unconscious. The other hostages are all unconscious too. Suddenly Suárez and Co. are fired upon by the gang. Ten minutes earlier, the Professor had ordered the gang to change their plans and block Suárez's only means of escape. Palermo has them trapped in a room with laser beams connected to explosives. The Professor sends Tamayo a video of Suárez and his team undressed, singing Bella Ciao. Since a team of forensic experts will soon interrogate Rio, the Professor offers to prevent that by asking Tamayo to hand him over (and also because the bloodthirsty Alicia will legally be able to kill him when he is not in custody).

Eventually Alicia accepts the Professor's offer: she will hand over Rio in return for forty hostages and Suárez's elite squad. The next morning, she grooms Rio and takes him to the bank. He shouts ecstatically as Tokyo watches on happily.


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  • 1st Sunday in Advent- Choir of the Vienna Hofburgkapelle [1]
  • Maria, Mi Vida, Mi Amor- Paco Tous & Jaime Lorente (with the rest of the gang) [2]
  • Electro Metal Trailer- Antoine Binant & Julien Ranouil [3]
  • Broken Coastline- Down like Silver [4]


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