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Francisco Torres is one of the hostages in the Royal Mint of Spain heist.


In 1989, Francisco was hired at the Royal Mint of Spain.

Francisco has 3 daughters. One of them has been unemployed for 7 years.[1]

Part 1

On the morning of October 21, 2016, Francisco Torres went to work at the mint as usual, but wound up becoming a hostage in a heist. At the time of the heist, Francisco had worked at the mint for 27 years.[2] He was the oldest out of everyone.

During the heist, Nairobi put him in charge of printing counterfeit banknotes. Later, on October 23, he was named "hostage of the year" for printing €311 million in less than 40 hours, breaking his own recording in printing.

Later, when the hostages were offered a choice between money and freedom, Francisco did not hesitate to continue printing banknotes at the mint, because printing counterfeit banknotes pleased him much more than anything else he had done in his life, and he had never had a leader like "Miss Nairobi" before.[3]

Part 2

On October 25,  2016, Nairobi summons Francisco to her office, asking if it is possible to increase the printing speed. Torres says yes, but states that if something goes wrong, it will take three hours to get the machines working again. Nairobi then asks him to calculate the possible increase in production.[1]

Later, he discovers an open bag full of weapons in a nearby office, and Arturo RomĂĄn, his boss, is hidden under the desk. Arturo is preparing to exchange a dummy weapon for a real one. Torres tells Arturo that he will have to report him so as to not to get into trouble, but Arturo threatens him. Francisco then points out to Arturo that his gun is a fake. However, Arturo does not listen to Francisco, and tells him that once the robbery is over, he will have him dismissed if he reports him.[1]

Physical Appearance

Francisco is old and has white hair. He wears glasses.




  • His phone PIN is 2308.[4]