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Jacinto is a security guard at the Royal Mint of Spain.


On October 21, 2016, Jacinto was taken hostage during the heist. As Jacinto was considered to be potentially dangerous, he was tied up in a basement with other security guards.

Initially, he poses no threat to the robbers. When inspector Raquel Murillo entered the mint to personally ensure that the hostages were well, he told Raquel that his general condition was good.

However, a few hours later Arturo Román convinces him to take part in an escape plan. Arturo gets Pablo Ruiz to hide tools in the toilet, so that Jacinto can retrieve them later. Jacinto attaches the tools to his body and brings them to the other hostages. While unguarded, the hostages manage to remove their restrains. When Oslo returns and sees the hostages untied, before he can react, Jacinto hits him on the back of his head. The hostages supposed to meet Arturo at a scheduled meeting point. However, Arturo is not there. They wait for him for a few minutes, and end up deciding to escape without him.

Along with 15 other hostages, Jacinto reaches one of the doors of the mint, which is full of plastic explosives. Jacinto manages to explode the door without injuring any hostages, and they escape through the hole under the astonished gaze of the police.

After Jacinto escapes, he explains to the police everything he remembers about the inside of the mint.

Physical Appearance

Jacinto has brown hair.