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Luis Tamayo is a character in the Netflix series, Money Heist. He works with Alicia Sierra and Alfonso Prieto during Part 3 to stop the robbery of the Bank of Spain.


Colonel Luis Tamayo is the new chief of operations concerning the bank robbery case of the Bank of Spain. When the CNI takes charge of the robbery of the Bank of Spain, Tamayo replaces Prieto as chief of operations. He is leading the police team against the robbers.

Part 5

In Part 5, Tamayo arranged for 8 elite soldiers to attack the Bank of Spain. In the first attack, he had the soldiers blow off the roof and enter the bank.

However, his second attack is prevented by the Professor who threatens to release a recording and expose him for fabricating evidence against Alicia Sierra. The Professor also threatens to frame Tamayo for ordering payment from reserve funds by transferring 10 million to a company in the Dutch Antilles under his name and linking him to the Professor. Following this, he postpones the attack.

Physical Appearance

He is a short man with grey-blonde hair, blue eyes and a beard. He is always seen wearing a black striped suit with a white shirt and beige tie.


He has a very short temper and gets easily annoyed whenever things do not go his way, often when the gang outsmart the police. He is seen to take his anger out on his colleagues. However, he has a few moments where he shows a caring side, like when he asked Benito Antoñanzas about how he got the cut on his head and comforted Alfonso Prieto.



  • Tamayo lives with his wife Consuelo and his child at 3 LĂłpez de Orgaz street.[2]
  • Tamayo got married in 2001.[3]


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