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Mónica Gaztambide, otherwise known as Stockholm  es.  Estocolmo ), was working as the secretary of the Royal Mint of Spain until she was taken hostage by the robbers.

She fell in love with Denver, who looked after her when she was hidden in a vault. She later became a robber in parts 3, 4 and 5 when she decided to escape with the gang.


Mónica is well-educated and learns quickly. She only took 6 weeks to prepare for the entrance exams to get a job at the Royal Mint of Spain. While working as a secretary there, she begins an affair with Arturo Román.

Part 1

At the time of the heist, Mónica was pregnant with Arturo Román's child.

At the start of the heist she is in the storage facility with Arturo. She had just told Arturo she was pregnant, and the two got into an argument. In the middle of the fight, the Robbers of the Royal Mint of Spain take them hostage. When the robbers take over the mint, they close the security door and make Monica tell people outside the Royal Mint of Spain that it is a technical malfunction.

Early during the heist, Berlin tells the hostages that they will request any medicine the hostages need, and Monica requests an abortion pill. Later, Arturo asks her to grab the phone hidden in his jacket pocket located in his office. When Monica goes to accept her pill, she is able to sneak past Oslo to grab the phone. When she successfully retrieves it, she hides it in her red jumpsuit. As she leaves the room, she is stopped by Denver. Denver tries to talk Mónica out of aborting her child, even giving her money for the child. Berlin interrupts the two of them and as Monica leaves the phone unexpectedly goes off. Berlin orders Denver to execute her.

Denver brings Mónica to the mint's bathroom where she begs for her life. Denver struggles to kill her, missing his first gun shot. The two of them then devise a plan to keep Monica alive. Monica tells Denver to shoot her in the leg, as it will bleed a lot. Denver follows through and shoots her in the leg to fake her death. Berlin checks to see if the job is done, and Monica is able to fool him. Monica tells Denver he can hide her in Vault 2, a vault she has access to.

Mónica remains hidden in the vault for a while with the bullet lodged inside her leg. Denver works to help heal the wound on her leg, but Monica initially refuses to allow Denver to remove the bullet. Upon hearing about his son "murdering" a woman, Moscow becomes distressed and blamed himself for getting Denver involved in the heist. When Moscow goes to get air with some of the hostages, Arturo Román is accidentally shot. After this, Moscow discovers Monica is alive with Denver. He realizes that they need to remove the bullet with a scalpel.

Upon hearing of Arturo's injury, Monica gives Denver a note to give to Arturo while he goes to steal a scalpel from the surgeon brought in to work on Arturo. As Denver steals the scalpel, he decides he can't give Arturo the note and accidentally drops it. Nairobi notices the note, and follows Denver to Vault 2. There she discovers Monica and helps Moscow and Denver remove the bullet and patch Monica up.

After having healed, Monica leaves the vault after feeling too confined. Denver is initially mad, but realizes he can't keep her in the vault forever, so he brings her to the mint's bathroom. There, Berlin speaks to Denver, when Berlin realizes Denver is not alone, and discovers Monica is alive. Berlin is a mix of angry and happy with Monica's survival, and he brings her to the break room to show the professor there have been no actual hostage casualties.

As Arturo is recovering, he is shown that Monica is actually still alive, but their relationship is not as it was before. Eventually after Monica has spent some time with the other hostages, she requests to be moved back to Vault 2 and Denver follows the request.

As she spends time in the vault with Denver, the two grow closer. Denver shows Monica his dance moves and tells her of his history. The two then start a romantic relationship. Later, Helsinki brings Arturo Román down to the vault to see Monica. He was to see her about escaping with 16 other hostages. Arturo sees Denver and Monica's romance and challenges Denver to a fight over Monica. Monica leaves the room as they fight. After the escape of 16 hostages, Monica chooses to stay in the Royal Mint of Spain with Denver instead of choosing 'freedom'.

Later, Moscow and Nairobi find out about their relationship. They tell Denver that it is not real love, that her "love" for him is out of fear, and it is just "Stockholm Syndrome". With this information, Denver ends the romance.

Part 2

Later, Monica is working with Alison Parker, Mercedes Colmenar, and Arturo Román. As the group is bagging money, Arturo comes up with a plan. Alison told Arturo that the security doors are able to open in 4 seconds. Arturo realizes that they need a weapon if they are able to get out. Arturo sneaks into another room and takes one of the fake guns the robbers have and give it to Monica.

Arturo asks Mónica to swap Denver's gun with a fake one when he cleans her wounds. With Denver and Monica's relationship being strained, she has him turn his back while she changes. In that moment, Monica steals Denver's gun and replaces it with the fake one. Monica then gives the gun to Arturo for the escape.

Monica sits in the museum area of the Mint with Arturo, Mercedes, Alison, and some of the other hostages waiting for Helsinki to leave Denver alone guarding the hostages. Then, the group of hostages made their way to the door until they face off with Denver. Arturo takes Denver hostage with the real gun, and then the other robbers arrived. Arturo ordered Monica to open the security door, however, Rio locks the door with a program.

Arturo threatens to shoot Denver unless him and the other hostages with him are let out. Mónica, who still has feelings for Denver, couldn't bear to watch him die. She runs up to Arturo and knocks him out, saving Denver. This makes Arturo see Monica as just one of the robbers, not as a hostage. From then on, she becomes an outsider to the other hostages.

Sometime later, Monica comes across Ariadna Cascales in the bathroom, where they have a conversation about love and the robbers. In this conversation, Ariadna confesses to Monica that she despises Berlin completely. Their conversation only ends when they are interrupted by Nairobi.

When Moscow is shot, Monica helps Denver and Rio as they dig the tunnel to the Professor's hanger. She is there with Denver supporting him through him coming to terms with the fact his father might die. When Moscow is about to die, Monica is the one who convinces Denver to go see his father.

Monica is at Oslo and Moscow's funeral. She pays her respects while Denver says a prayer. She also meets The Professor when he makes his way through the completed tunnel. She is accepted by the Professor into the robber's family.

While Monica and Denver are speaking in the storage facility, the police break through and start their onslaught on the robbers. During the shootout, she grabs a dropped gun starts to shoot at the oncoming police, despite never being taught how to shoot or hold a gun before. She escapes the room with Denver, Rio, and Tokyo, and they make their way to the escape tunnel.

At the end of the heist, she escapes with Denver and the other robbers.

Part 3 and Part 4

Mónica and Denver are living together in Indonesia, where Mónica gave birth to her son Cincinnati. They reunite with the other robbers when The Professor asks them to meet up to discuss their next heist. They attend classes, and Mónica prepares for her first heist as a robber. She goes under the alias "Stockholm", a reference to her "Stockholm Syndrome".

The night before the heist, Mónica and Denver argue. Denver is worried about her ability to carry out a heist, as she has little criminal experience. He tells her that she should stay behind to take care of her son. However, Mónica thinks Denver is being sexist and joins the heist anyway. She stops talking to Denver for a few days.

During the heist, Mónica is harassed by Arturo, but she stands up to him and points a gun at him. Later, Mónica witnesses the way Denver intimidates a hostage and had second thoughts about their relationship. This angers Denver and makes him distance himself from her. After Rio returns, she supports him through his PTSD, but this upsets Denver as he thinks that they are being romantic.

Along with the other robbers, she tries to take out Gandía when he escapes and protect Nairobi. After Nairobi's death, she takes over the gold smelting factory.

Part 5

During a shootout, Mónica shoots Arturo.

Denver admits to Mónica that he often partied while they were living in Indonesia. Mónica reveals that she was already aware of this but did not confront him. Denver agrees that in the future, he will be honest with her when he goes out.

Physical Appearance

Mónica has curly blonde hair. She is tall and skinny.


She originally was quite timid and could easily be taken advantage of, but as she joined the group and became a robber in the Bank of Spain, she got more confident and bad-ass and is not afraid to boss a few hostages around and use a gun.

She is kind and hard-working and is always looking out for everyone in the group


Arturo Román

Mónica was having an affair with Arturo and became pregnant with his child. During the heist, Denver made her realise how horrible Arturo really was and the pair quickly fell in love and as she escaped with Denver, Arturo has never met his child who was later named Cincinnati.

During the Bank of Spain Heist, Arturo runs in the Bank of Spain when he finds out Mónica was one of the robbers. Inside, he tries to pressure Mónica to let him see his son, she agrees reluctantly. Although, when he gets touchy with Mónica, she pulls a gun on him.


In Part 1, Denver meets Mónica, the secretary and mistress of Arturo Román. When Berlin discovers that Mónica hid a cell phone in her clothes, he orders Denver to kill her. However, Denver is unable to kill her. He shoots her in the leg instead and hides her in a vault. They spend significant time together while Mónica's wound heals. They soon fall in love and start a relationship, which Nairobi describes as "Stockholm Syndrome". Mónica becomes loyal to the crew and escapes with Denver after the heist ends.

Between Part 2 and Part 3, while Denver and Mónica are hiding in Indonesia, Monica gives birth to Arturo's son Cincinnati and Denver becomes his step-father.

In Part 3, Mónica joins the crew under the name "Stockholm", however Denver is reluctant to let her take part. He felt that she was should stay behind to take care of Cincinnati due to her lack of experience in heists. However, Mónica felt that Denver was being sexist and joins the heist at the Bank of Spain anyway.

During the Bank of Spain Heist, Mónica was appalled by the way Denver intimidated Miguel Fernández Talanilla, a hostage, and had second thoughts about their relationship. This angers Denver and makes him distance himself from her. After Rio returns, she supports him through his PTSD, but this upsets Denver as he thinks that they are being romantic. Later, when Denver witnesses Rio having a panic attack, he realises that Mónica really was just comforting Rio. They end up comforting him together.


Mónica became especially close with Rio during the heist of the Bank of Spain as Rio was experiencing PTSD as a result of the torture by Alicia Sierra. It was hard for him to open up to other crew members, so he turned to Mónica as she was more understanding and caring.


  • Monica is afraid of flying[4]
  • Monica's city name has two references:
    • Stockholm is the Swedish Capital city.
    • Stockholm Syndrome is hostages develop a psychological bond with their captors during captivity. Which Monica develop feelings for Denver.


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