Monica Gaztambide, otherwise known as Stockholm, was working as the secretary of the Royal Mint of Spain the day she, among many others, was taken hostage by the robbers. She fell in love with Denver, who looked after her when she was hidden in a vault. She later became a robber in part 3 and 4 when she decided to escape with the gang.

Part 1 and 2 Edit

  • She was pregnant at the time with Arturo, her married co-worker's child. Arturo asked her to grab the phone hidden in his jacket pocket and when she successfully retrieved it she concealed it in the red jumpsuit given to the hostages by the robbers. While she was talking to Denver, Berlin interrupted and the phone unexpectedly went off. Berlin ordered Denver to execute her. Monica begged him not to shoot her and he was unable to shoot a pregnant woman. She suggested he shoot her in the leg so Berlin would believe that he had killed her, and take her to one of the banks vaults where she could hide. She remained hidden for many days, with the bullet still inside. Denver eventually told his father Moscow as he was so disappointed in him for allegedly killing a pregnant woman. They worked together to remove the bullet. While he was cleaning her wounds, Monica made a move on Denver. They both fell in love. Moscow told Denver that it was just Stockholm syndrome and so Denver angrily broke off their romance. Arturo had come up with another plan with the help of Rio, as the others made him a hostage after Tokyo was captured, to escape which involved Monica swapping Denver's gun with a fake one while he was cleaning her wounds. While the plan was in motion, Nairobi and Berlin removed Rios handcuffs and then he realized what he had done and he then told the robbers that they were going to escape. Monica pressed the button to open the door a second after Rio locked it. The robbers came running with their guns but Arturo threatened to shoot Denver as he had nothing to lose. Monica came up behind Arturo and knocked him out. She became an outsider to the other hostages as she had just helped the robbers. As the heist was coming to an end, she escaped with Denver and the other robbers.

Part 3 and 4 Edit

  • She is now known as her alias, Stockholm. Her and Denver are living in Indonesia and gave birth to their baby son, Cincinnati. They both reunite with the others when the Professor calls them to meet him. She co-operates to help save Rio along with the others and attends class with the others to get prepared for her first heist as a robber.
  • She has an argument with Denver the night before the heist as he thinks that she should stay home with the child but she thinks he is being sexist and Nairobi overhears and defends Stockholm and causes a heated argument. Stockholm continues the heist normally but doesn't talk to Denver for a few days.
  • Her and the other 6 robbers enter the Bank of Spain the following day and successfully seal off the building.
  • She gets harassed in the bathroom by Arturo but stands up to him by pointing a gun at him.
  • Throughout this heist, she gets annoyed when Denver acts aggressively towards Miguel and Arturo, and questions her feelings for him. That angers Denver and makes him distance himself from her. After Rio returns, she develops a supporting bond for him as he is traumatized after his torture but this upsets Denver as he thinks that they are being romantic.
  • Along with the boys, she tries to take out Gandía when he escapes and protect Nairobi but unfortunately fails. After Nairobi's murder, she takes over the gold smelting factory.

Personality Edit

She originally was quite timid and could easily be taken advantage of, but as she joined the group and became a robber in the Bank of Spain, she got more confident and bad-ass and is not afraid to boss a few hostages around and use a gun.

She is kind and hard-working and is always looking out for everyone in the group

Special Relationships: Edit

  • Arturo Román - Monica was having an affair with Arturo and became pregnant with his child. During the heist, Denver made her realise how horrible Arturo really was and the pair quickly fell in love and as she escaped with Denver, Arturo has never met his child who was later named Cincinatti.
  • Denver - They fell in love during the first heist. After they escaped, it was revealed they had named their child Cincinatti and led a luxurious life during the 3 years after the heist. When they returned for the second heist, they were having relationship problems and she actually broke off their romance for a while.
  • Rio - Monica became especially close with Rio during the heist of the Bank of Spain as Rio had previously been tortured by Alicia Sierra and was having PTSD. It was hard for him to open up about the torture so he turned to Monica as she was more understanding and caring than the others.
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