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Mario Urbaneja is the governor at the Bank of Spain who became a hostage during the heist.


Mario Urbaneja is the governor at the Bank of Spain at the time of the Bank of Spain heist. He employs his secretary Amanda and is protected by five body guards led by César Gandía. Years before the Heist, Urbaneja has a meeting with Berlin, whose scouting for the heist.

Urbaneja was targeted by the robbers because he has a key to the closet of state secrets in the vault. Tokyo and Nairobi were sent to capture him, but were initially thwarted by Gandía. Even though, he was eventually captured by the robbers. He was subsequently brought down to the vault and was told to enter the vault via a pressure tube in a scuba suit. When he says no he is almost fatally injured by Denver. He survives and then is left with the rest of the hostages.

When the hostages are moved to the library, Urbaneja is one of the hostages along with Miguel Fernández Talanilla who confront Arturo Román for raping Amanda and attempting to rape Manila.

Physical Appearance

Urbaneja has grey hair.



César Gandía

César Gandía is the head body guard of the Bank of Spain. His primary job is to protect Urbaneja. At the beginning of the Bank of Spain heist, Gandía protects and risks his life for Urabneja.


Amanda is the secretary to Urbaneja at the Bank of Spain. She seems to be well treated and a good employee.


  • According to Nairobi, Urbaneja was unconscious for 4 hours and was injected with enough Diazepam for a whole family.[2]


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