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Matías Caño, otherwise known as Pamplona, is a supporting character who appears in the Bank of Spain robbery in Parts 3 and 4. He helps the gang out with melting and storing the gold and also guards the hostages and has been an associate of Bogotá for six years.


Part 3

In his first appearance in the third episode, he is 'picked' as one of the 'volunteers' to work in the gold production area. He refuses to do it by saying he is 'no volunteer' which angers Nairobi and results in Bogotá dragging him downstairs to the other hostages' horror. It is later revealed that was all an act and that he is in on the heist and one of the undercover members hired to help the main gang out.

He spends the majority of Part 3 working in the gold shaft along with Nairobi, Bogotá and the other volunteers. He also assists the gang in helping to recover the Governor.

Part 4

In Part 4, he is now guarding the hostages more and that is his main role while the main gang can focus on producing the gold and keeping guard on any threats.

He stays downstairs with the hostages and stands in front of them, holding his gun at all times. When Arturo Román caused a commotion amongst the hostages, Matías approached him to warn him but was disarmed by Arturo. However, Manila, one of the hostages, revealed herself to have been an undercover agent of the gang, and almost immediately disposed of Arturo by shooting him in the leg and lending Matías his gun back.

Part 5

In Part 5, Matías expresses that he wants to have a code name of a city, so that in case the heist goes wrong and they're all arrested, he will be known by the name of a city, like all the other robbers, and not sound like an intern. He chooses Pamplona, which the other gang members don't take seriously, but he insists that Pamplona is a great name. He explains that Pamplona has the wildest festival in the world, the Festival of San Fermín, which is watched by people from around the world. Even the famous author Ernest Hemingway wrote the book The Sun Also Rises about American and British expatriates who travel Pamplona to watch the running of the bulls and the bullfights at the Festival of San Fermín. Seeing his insistence, the other robbers accept his code name and Tamayo refers to him as Pamplona when he speaks to the public.

Physical Appearance

He is quite young, probably in his mid 20s and has short brown hair and hooped ear piercings. He wears the red jumpsuit along with everyone else and is equipped with a real gun.


He is shown to be a hard-working, loyal and funny guy.



Matías and Bogotá have been associates for 6 years. However, their relationship doesn't appear to be amicable. Bogotá was angry at Matías for pretending not to comply with orders in front of other hostages. He reveals that he has wanted to slam Matías' head against a wagon 6 times.


  • His city alias is revealed to the public in the finale when he and the robbers are "dead" by the police.


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