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The Money Heist Wiki Discord is a place to chat, share news and discuss wiki-related topics.

This server intended for Money Heist fans and is not affiliated with Money Heist or Netflix. On this server, we intend to follow Money Heist Wiki site policies, as well as server rules.

Concerns or suggestions regarding Discord can be discussed on the talk page.

How to join

To join, click the button above or this link

How to verify

To verify, go to #🆔│verification. In this channel, you should type !wiki verify <wiki_username>.

For example, if you wiki username is Nairobi100, you should type !wiki verify Nairobi100.

Note: Verified users will receive the @Wiki User role. Users with at least 100 edits or posts will receive the @Wiki Pro role.

Note: Users who do not wish to to publicize their Discord name may remove it from their masthead after verification.


  • 1 - Respect Others.

Treat every user with respect. No discrimination, bigotry, harassment, etc. We have a no-tolerance policy for this.

  • 2 - Spoilers

Avoid posting spoilers outside of the "Spoiler Zone" category. We want everyone to have the best experience on their first watch.

  • 3 - Value Privacy.

Don't share any personal information of yourself or others. Examples may include addresses, phone numbers, images and other information.

  • 4 - No advertising.

While we encourage you to post money heist-related media, please avoid advertising your own products, domains, discord servers, etc. If you are not sure if something is allowed contact a staff member.

  • 5 - No NSFW Content.

NSFW Content (Sexual content, gore, illegal content, shock-inducing media) is not welcome here.

  • 6 - Do not excessively spam.

Don't flood chats or post long copypasta's.

  • 7 - Common Sense.

Use common sense. Don't try to find loopholes in the rules, if you think something isn't allowed, just don't do it. Staff may punish on their own discretion.

  • 8 - Discord ToS and Guidelines.

We will always follow Discord's Terms of Service and Guidelines. - -

These rules may be changed at any given time or moment.

This server is governed by the policies of the Money Heist Wiki consequences for actions on the Money Heist Wiki may carry weight here and vice versa.