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  • Refer to the Layout Guide. It has guidelines on how to structure pages and add categories. Do not add unnecessary categories.
    • When creating a new page, it is recommended that you use the preloaded templates. Preloaded templates are available for character, cast, crew and episode pages.
  • Add appropriate content. Add content that is relevant to the article. Do not post or link to mature or explicit content.
  • Create relevant articles. Articles are for content relevant to the show Money Heist. Do not create articles for irrelevant topics.
    • If you would like to express your opinions, start a conversation or introduce yourself, please do so on comments, messages, discussions or blogs.
  • Edit constructively. Unconstructive edits create the impression that you are editing for the sake of gaining badges or increasing your edit count.
  • Do not vandalize. This includes removing content without a valid reason, deliberately adding false information, renaming a page to an irrelevant/inappropriate name and spamming.
    • Removing blatant vandalism is fine. If you are removing a large amount of content that is not blatant vandalism, it's best to include an edit summary to avoid misunderstanding.
  • Do not plagiarize. If your content comes from elsewhere, you should add references, and it's best to paraphrase.
    • To reference external links, you may add <ref>[ TITLE]</ref>.
    • To reference specific episodes, you may add <ref>''[[EPISODE NAME]]''</ref>. (Note: '' are italics marks when editing in source mode)
    • To reference content from other wikis, you may add {{Credit|<Wiki url>|<Wiki Name>|<Article>}} to the bottom of the article to credit the authors.
    • To reference content from Wikipedia, you may add {{CreditWP|<Article Name>|<Article/Alternative Name>}} to the bottom of the article to credit the authors.
  • Do not make mass edits or automated edits without permission. Using a bot to fix some common spelling errors or double redirects is fine, but if you intend to make mass edits, please seek permission.
    • Note: This does not apply to staff or SOAP.


  • Be kind and respectful.
  • Do not insult or belittle other users.
  • Do not discriminate against others for any reason.
  • Do not intimidate or harass users.
  • Do not impersonate other users or famous people.
  • Do not post or link to mature or explicit content.
  • Do not use sexually suggestive language that is directed towards another person or obscene language.
  • Do not spam in comments, messages, discussions or on chat. Spam includes:
    • posting specific words, images or links excessively
    • posting nonsense
    • the promotion of scams
  • Do not send provoking messages to anger or offend other users.
  • Do not solicit or spread the personal information of users.
  • Do not engage in disruptive behavior or heated arguments. Do not troll.
    • Personal information that may arise in a friendly discussion is fine. Directly asking someone, especially a user that you are not familiar with, for their personal information in not allowed.


  • Do not edit the wiki with an inappropriate username, profile picture or profile header.

Use common sense. Not every situation may be covered by these rules. The spirit of this policy will be followed. Atypical situations will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Attempting to circumvent these policies with loopholes will not be tolerated.

Breaching the policies above may result in a warning and/or block.


  1. Preview before publishing. This allows you to pick up on minor errors such as red links and spelling mistakes that you can fix before publishing.
  2. Include references. When adding information about facts and events in the real world, you should include references. When adding information related to a specific episode on the show, it's best to include a reference to that episode.
  3. Use a neutral point of view when editing. For example, instead of writing "Emily is annoying", you can write "Some characters find Emily's ignorance annoying".
  4. Include an edit summary, especially if you are making an edit where the intent may not be clear (e.g. removing large amounts of information).
  5. Follow the layout guide to make sure the articles are consistent.
  6. Use {{cite}} and {{verify}} templates to indicate information that needs citation or verification. Note that these templates should only be used if it is probable that the information is accurate. If not, it should be removed.
  7. Use colors that match the wiki theme when designing templates for articles. For reference, the colors below are commonly used on the wiki:


If anyone has any concerns or suggestions regarding this layout guide, they can discuss it on the talk page or leave a message on an active admin's wall.