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! This article is about the Spanish character. For the Korean character, see Nairobi (Korean).

Ágata Jiménez, better known by her alias Nairobi was one of the main characters of the Netflix original series Money Heist played by actress Alba Flores.


She was born as Ágata Jiménez. Due to her poor conditions, she learned to counterfeit money at 13. During her teenage years, she had a boyfriend, who she later became pregnant with. Her boyfriend left after he found out about the pregnancy. Jiménez gave birth to a boy, she named him Axel. However, when Axel was 3, child services took him away from her after finding out she was dealing drugs.[4] It is also revealed that she gave birth to a daughter.

Prior to the first heist, The Professor and the robbers spend five months on Toledo in preparation for the heist at the Royal Mint of Spain. Everyone agrees to be codenamed after cities, because of the Professor's rule of no real names. Jiménez chose to be known as Nairobi.

Part 1

Jiménez was recruited by the Professor to participate in the heist of the Royal Mint of Spain.

Nairobi was one of the robbers that participated in the heist of the Royal Mint of Spain, being in charge of quality relating to the printing of money given her expertise in falsifications. She briefly took charge of the robbery following problems within the group, declaring the beginning of "the Matriarchy."

Part 3

At the conclusion of the first heist, she ran away into hiding with Helsinki in Argentina, but later reunited with the rest of the robbers to be part of the Bank of Spain heist, in which she was eventually shot in the chest by a police sniper and had to be tended to by the crew.

Part 4

Nairobi starts by getting medical attention from her gunshot wound. The Professor calls to his Pakistani associates to get a doctor for Nairobi's operation. He gets Dr. Ahmed to be the eyes of the operation, explaining to Tokyo and Helsinki how to save Nairobi. Dr. Ahmed was later cut off mid-surgery and Tokyo and Helsinki had to save Nairobi without him, which they do successfully.

Nairobi spends much of the rest of Part 4 stuck in a coma. Nairobi is attacked in her sleep by César Gandía, while being cared for by Paquita, but is thwarted by the rest of the crew. Eventually, after Nairobi wakes up, she uses a electronic cart Bogotá had made for her. As the two head down to continue the melting of gold, while the rest of the crew hunt Gandía, they confess their feeling for each other.

Later, Gandía has captured Tokyo and is running around the Bank of Spain fight and almost killing a few of the robbers. In the battle, Gandía grabs and holds Nairobi as a hostage at gun point. As the rest of the robbers try to save her, Gandía shots Nairobi in the hand to make them back off. As the robbers give into Gandía's demands on the requirement he releases Nairobi. As the exchange is going well, Gandía shots Nairobi point blank into the head and then escapes.

Afterwards, the four other bodyguards held hostage are release in uniform holding a casket. Showing to the world Nairobi's funeral service.

Physical Appearance

Nairobi has dark eyebrows and hair that ends on her shoulders, tan skin, and an intimidating countenance.


Nairobi is enthusiastic, motivating and always active. She usually speaks loudly and clearly, so she leads the production of money very well. She can be somewhat impulsive from time to time, blindly accepting her son’s teddy bear with the potential threat of a bomb.

She is also seen to be very perceptive as she pieces together the relationship of Berlin and Ariadna Cascales with a few cues. Out of the other robbers, she seems to be most kind hearted and empathetic as seen in her tendency to be easily affected by an emotional situation or other people's actions.

Nairobi always has everyone's backs. She makes sure that they're feeling comfortable and doing the best that they can. This is most notable in 5 Minutes Earlier where she chooses to go down to Matías and the rest of the gold melters to reassure and motivate them instead of ensuring her own safety by going to the library with the rest of the hostages

Nairobi is slightly romantic, as seen by her interactions with Helsinki and then Bogotá. She wants the idealistic family. In TKO, she expresses her desire for the professor to be the biological father of her child.



During an anatomy class, Tokyo sees a scar on Nairobi's lower abdomen and discovered that she had a child via caesarean section. Later that night, Tokyo comes to Nairobi. The two women open up and Nairobi reveals that she plans to get her son back after the heist. And during that talk, both realize that they have more in common than they thought. Since then, the friendship between them became more strong.

Nairobi wanted Tokyo to be the godmother of unborn child, Ibiza.


Nairobi has always had a good relationship with Helsinki. She fell in love and wanted to start a family with him.[5]


Nairobi is often in conflict with Berlin and disagrees with his methods.

Alison Parker

After witnessing Alison being mocked and humiliated by her classmates, Nairobi stands up for her and helps Alison gain confidence.[6]


Initially, Bogotá and Nairobi banter with one another. When he says something sexist and Nairobi stands up for herself, he is smitten. He falls in love with Nairobi, but Nairobi tells him she wouldn't even touch him with a 10-foot pole. Yet, when she gets shot initially in the lung and has surgery, Bogotá is by her bedside throughout her recovery ensuring she is safe. While she is still asleep from the surgery, he prepares a means of transportation for her as he knows it will be difficult for her to walk and she will want to be involved in the heist still. This expresses how much he cares for Nairobi. When she wakes up, he confesses his love for her by saying he can imagine her dressed in white saying "suck dick." She reciprocates these feelings and they share an intimate moment looking into one another's eyes.

Post surgery and their visit to the team working on melting the gold, Nairobi and Bogotá are alone in an elevator together. She teases him that he is being shy and not flirting with her anymore. He explains he does not want to take advantage of her while she is hurt, and she teases him and asks if he still wants to be a couple. He proves he cares about her by simply kissing her. She mocks him, saying "You call that a kiss?" Nairobi gets up with the help of Bogotá and they share a passionate kiss in the elevator.

Bogotá continues to take care of Nairobi as Gandía is on the loose. However, once he has to leave her to help his fellow gang members, she is taken hostage by Gandía in the bathroom. Bogotá is devastated and desperately wants to save Nairobi and hopes he can with the help of his team.


  • Nairobi had plans to name her future child Ibiza.


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