Ágata Jiménez, better known by her alias, Nairobi, is one of the main characters in the Netflix series Money Heist, portrayed by actress Alba Flores.

Nairobi was one of the robbers that participated in heist of the Royal Mint of Spain, being in charge of quality relating to the printing of money given her expertise in falsifications. She briefly took charge of the robbery following problems within the group, declaring the beginning of "the Matriarchy."

At the conclusion of the heist, she ran away into hiding with Helsinki in Argentina, but later reunited with the rest of the robbers to be part of the Bank of Spain heist, in which she was eventually shot in the chest by a police sniper and had to be tended to by the crew.

Biography Edit

Early life Edit

She was born as Ágata Jiménez. Due to her poor conditions, she learned to counterfeit money at 13. During her teenage years, she had a boyfriend, who she later became pregnant with. Her boyfriend left after he found out about the pregnancy. Jiménez gave birth to a boy, she named him Axel. However, child services took Axel away from her after finding out she was dealing drugs. It is also revealed that she gave birth to a daughter.

The Biggest Robbery Ever Edit

Jiménez was recruited by the Professor to participate in the heist of the Royal Mint of Spain.

Five Months of Studies Edit

The Professor and the robbers spent five months studying the Royal Mint of Spain. Everyone agreed to be codenamed after cities, following the Professor's rule of no real names. Jiménez chose to be known as Nairobi.

At some point, while learning basic medical skills, Tokyo discovered that Nairobi had a child. Later that night, Tokyo came to Nairobi. The two women open up, and Tokyo wanted to make things up with tequila.



Nairobi is enthusiastic, motivating and always active. She usually speaks loud and clear and does her job, leading the production of money very well because of these skills. She can be somewhat impulsive from time to time, blindly accepting her son’s teddy bear with the potential threat of a bomb. She is also seen to be very perceptive as she pieces together the relationship of Berlin and Ariadna with a few cues. Out of the other robbers, she seems to be most kind hearted and empathetic as seen in tendency to be easily affected by an emotional situation or other people's actions.

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  • Unnamed Ex-Boyfriend
  • Bogotá (brief fling)

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