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Nikolai Dimitrievich works at the car junkyard where the Professor's 1992 red Seat Ibiza was found.


A few days before the heist, the Professor gave Helsinki some money and tasked him with taking the Professor's red Seat Ibiza to the car scrapyard and watch it be crushed in front of his eyes. However, Helsinki chose to send the money to his family instead, and leaves the car at the scrapyard completely intact.[1]

During the heist, the police find that the Seat Ibiza from 1992 was driven by Tokyo and Rio during their visit to the Royal Mint of Spain before the heist, so they decide to go to the nearby scrap yards to find it. The Professor learns of the police's plan and hurries to the scrapyard to find the car and erase any clues. But he is surprised to see Nikolai, who watches over the place. As the scrapyard is closed to the public, he sneaks inside and hides in a car. Nikolai, however, sees him and scares the Professor by crushing the car that he is hiding in. The Professor tries to offer him some money, but due to not having enough, Nikolai lets his dog chase him. Later, the Professor returns a second time, and manages to clean the vehicle of fingerprints before Nikolai finds it. By the time the police, the car has already been wiped down, and the Professor has disguised himself.[1]

Later, Nikolai goes to the police tent outside the Royal Mint of Spain, and helps the police by trying describing the Professor's appearance so that the police and create a composite sketch of the Professor.  Unbeknownst to Nikolai, the Professor finds information about his family on Facebook. The Professor breaks into a police vehicle and using the car's radio, he addresses Nikolai in Russian, threatening to kill his family if he provides a workable composite. Frightened, Nikolai obeys and erases the almost finished portrait.[2]

Physical Appearance

Nikolai is an old man. He typically wears a black hat, brown glasses and dirty white clothes.


Nikolai has little patience for people who trespass into his car junkyard, and isn't afraid to unleash his dog on them. He is also a fun-loving man who enjoyed making the Professor panic by crushing the car that he was hiding in.

Nikolai cares about his family. He was willing to co-operate with police to help them find the Professor. However, as soon as he heard the Professor threaten his family member's lives, he was frightened and immediately stopped providing information.