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Radko Dragić , better known by his alias Oslo, was a secondary character in the Netflix series Money Heist, portrayed by actor Roberto García. He was a robber and war veteran who participated in the Royal Mint of Spain heist.


Oslo was born on November 17th, 1974 in Belgrade, Serbia. Oslo fought in the Balkan Wars with his cousin Helsinki. Oslo died on October 24, 2016 at the age of 41.

Royal Mint of Spain Heist

Oslo and cousin Helsinki act as hired guns and the muscle during the heist. They're usually seen acting as crowd control. They don't really think independently, and mostly just follow orders. Oslo and Helsinki helped Berlin to punish Rio in Part 1 Episode 3, and are also seen aiming guns at Denver and Nairobi during a standoff with Berlin in Part 1 Episode 9.

In Part 1 Episode 12, Oslo was struck across the head with an iron rod by a hostage and 15 other hostages as part of an escape plan. This knocked him unconscious allowing the hostages to grab his gun and eventually escape, blowing a hole in a wall that the rest of the gang have to cover up. Oslo is left in a vegetative state for the rest of Part 1.

In Part 2 Episode 1, seemingly unable to revive him, Helsinki takes Oslo to a storage room and suffocates him with a pillow, mercifully killing him. This makes Oslo the first robber in the show to die.


Oslo, like his cousin Helsinki, is a large man presumably due to both their backgrounds in war. However, he is slightly shorter and possibly less heavyset than Helsinki. He has a mohawk on top of his head, and sports a long scraggly beard rather than a full one like Helsinki.


As remarked by Tokyo after his death, Oslo was the quietest robber out of the group. It is unknown if this is due to an introverted nature, or due to the fact he doesn't seem to be as adept at speaking Spanish as his cousin Helsinki (who is much more social), either only understanding simple sentences, or often having to rely on him to translate orders into Serbian. Oslo's impaired ability to speak Spanish is first revealed during a flashback in Part 1 in which the Professor is seen conversing with him in the background about learning new languages.

Oslo seems to have a no-nonsense attitude to work, displaying a steely-eyed look and cold demeanor. Again, this could simply be due to the language barrier between him and the rest of the team. Oslo has been seen to have a lighter side however, dancing with cousin Helsinki during Moscow's song 'Maria, my love' and chuckling at Berlin's joke (admittedly, at Denver's expense) in Part 4 Episode 5.



Helsinki is Oslo's cousin, and together they fought in wars. Helsinki and Oslo are close, having traveled and done work together for a while before they are recruited by the Professor. Oslo trusts Helsinki enough to request Helsinki to kill him when he is put in a vegetive state.


  • Oslo's name was misspelled in the series. Following the rules of the Serbian grammar, the 'D' would have to turn into 'T' for easier pronunciation, making him "Ratko", not "Radko".


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