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Pablo Ruiz is a student who was a hostage at the Royal Mint of Spain.


On October 21, 2016, when Pablo was 17, he visited the Royal Mint of Spain on a school excursion. During the heist, he is taken hostage like the rest of his classmates. He is forced to give the robbers his phone and wear a red jumpsuit.

After Pablo reveals to the robbers that he is captain of the Brighton College athletic team, he is chosen, along with Arturo Román, to dig a tunnel.

Along with Aurora, Elisabeth and a couple other classmates, he tries to intimidate Alison Parker after learning that the police have decided to save her alone, instead of eight hostages.[2]

During the heist, Arturo Román convinces Pablo to take part in an escape plan. Pablo co-operates and leaves tools in the toilet, so that they can be retrieved by Jacinto, who then passed the tools to the other hostages that are tied up. After Jacinto explodes one of the doors of the mint, Pablo, along with 15 other hostages, manages to escape, much to the surprise of the police.

After escaping from the Royal Mint of Spain, along with some other hostages, he tells the police about the tunnel that he dug with Arturo.

Physical Appearance

Pablo is blonde.


Pablo is confident and enjoys being at the centre of attention.


Alison Parker

On the way to the Royal Mint of Spain, Pablo sits next to Alison and asks her out. She is a little surprised, but she accepts. Once they are in the factory, they go into the bathroom to make out. Pablo suggests taking a sexy photo together, which Alison accepts, but to her surprise, he takes her bra off the moment that the photo is taken and posts the picture on Alison's social media account, despite her objections. They are eventually found by Tokyo and they join the other hostages.[3]

Later, on October 23, when the police have decided to save Alison instead of 8 hostages, he intimidates her with several of his friends, until they are stopped by Nairobi who send them out.[4]

Arturo Román

During the heist, Arturo and Pablo develop a friendship.

Both Arturo and Pablo are chosen by Moscow to dig a tunnel. Arturo suggests that Pablo check what is hidden under a tarpaulin a few metres away. Under the tarpaulin are weapons, gasoline cans and explosives in the crate.[5]

Later, Pablo follows Arturo's plan to hide tools in the toilet for another hostage, Jacinto, to retrieve. Using these tools, the hostages manage to knock out Oslo and then attempt to escape the Royal Mint of Spain.


  • Pablo's phone PIN is 0217.[3]