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The End of the Road  Spanish:   El final del camino ) is the first episode of Part 5 of Netflix's Money Heist. It aired on September 3, 2021.


The Professor faces off with Sierra as Tamayo raises the stakes of the negotiations by calling the army. In the past, Berlin meets with a family member.


The opening begins with Alicia Sierra reflects what Tamayo did to her and walks at the abandoned storm tank. During the celebration Alicia spots the Professor and before the Professor reacts, she points him at gunpoint, mocking him and telling the genius that he’s living like a rat. She wants his entire plan, and then she plans to get him convicted for terrorism. Professor attempts to get out of this extremely sticky situation, and the pair fight, but of course, Sierra wasn’t going to give up so easily.

In flashbacks, Berlin meets his son Rafael, it’s clear they haven’t seen each other for a long time, so they are reconciling. Berlin reveals that he has forgiven Rafael for being born, as his birth completely destroyed Berlin's 'exquisite' relationship with his ex-wife (Rafael's mother). Berlin’s wife Tatiana shows up looking classy and sexy, which slightly annoys Rafael. Berlin’s usual sinister side comes out as he asks Rafael if he’d sleep with Tatiana. if he'd not be married to her. The conversation then turns to Berlin trying to convince Rafael to do a heist with him as he’s a cyber security engineer from MIT, Massachusetts. Rafael calls Berlin a despicable and selfish human being, but Berlin vows to give him a path to freedom, liberating him from a normal desk job with meetings, and offering a life of adventure.

In another flashback, lovestruck Professor tells Lisbon about the Rome plan. He is sure that the police will turn to the army once they manage to return one of their own to the bank. He knows that the police's sole aim will be to destroy them, so they will need to get out as soon as possible.

In the present, Lisbon arrives at the bank and orders Palermo to start the extraction of the gold that has been melted. Bogota disagrees with speeding up the exit plan and raises his concerns to Palermo.

In the tent, Tamayo believes that this a matter of National Security and wants to involve the army, ordering Sagasta to get ready for an intervention. Much to the surprise of Angel and Suarez, who believe that this is a civil conflict and needs to be sorted by the police.

Marseille, who used a military helicopter to smartly drop Lisbon on the bank roof, is being tracked down by Tamayo’s team. He lands the helicopter at a farm, and then the authorities arrive. Benjamín acts like an innocent farmer nearby, and he instantly implements distraction tactics, accusing the officers of killing two of his lambs nearby. Benjamin purposefully describes the wrong car that drove off, so the police chase the wrong person. A different man gets out of the car with a bomb strapped to him but shows in a flashback that it's the husband of the fake Lisbon. In comedic fashion, Angel tells Tamayo that they have been duped again. Meanwhile, Benjamin enters the farm truck revealing Marseille and gets away

In the bank, Tokyo tells Lisbon that love grows exponentially during a heist because it could be “over very quickly.” She describes her previous heists with her lover, René and how it felt indestructible and amazing. This was the lover that was killed outside a bank. In a touching moment, Tokyo states that she will never find love like that again.

As the episode wears on, it’s clear something is “just not quite right”. Lisbon is trying to radio into the Professor, but he’s tied up by Sierra. She’s interrogating the Professor for information and cruelly shoots him in the foot. Professor reveals that they are getting the gold out by making them into nuggets and putting them through the sewer systems. Sierra does not believe him. She threatens the Professor by placing him above sewer water while chained up, but Professor refuses to give in, so she leaves him hanging, levitated above the water.

Soon, Sierra forces Professor to answer the radio. He tells Lisbon that the authorities know about the Stormwater Tank, and then Sierra reveals herself, speaking into the radio. The others now know that Professor is captured. Flashbacks reveal that Professor told Lisbon that if the authorities know about the Stormwater Tank, then it’s all over. In the present day, Professor delivers an emotional moment, apologizing to each member of his team one at a time.

The episode ends in dramatic circumstances, with Helsinki looking outside, and seeing the military approaching.


Main Cast

Supporting Cast

Minor Cast

  • Román Rymar as Polish man (El polaco)
  • Alberto Lobo as Darko Dragić[1]
  • Álex Virgili
  • Gonzalo Bouza as Police Officer
  • Pedro Freijeiro as Police Officer
  • Álex Cañedo
  • Florencia Nocetti as Rosario Barremechea
  • Rubén Valero as Police Officer





  1. Credited as Lobo