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The Paris Plan  Spanish:   Plan París ) is the eighth and final episode of Part 4 of Netflix's Money Heist. It aired on April 3, 2020.[1]


The Professor, Benjamin, and the others attempt to free Lisboa. Tokyo's anger threatens her faith in the plan. Sierra takes matters into her own hands.


! Warning: This section contains spoilers.

In flashbacks, Berlin confronts Palermo about his obvious feelings towards him, and also reveals his own feelings for Palermo. They passionately kiss, however, Berlin says they must part ways and give up the plan because their love would interfere too much.

In the present, Sierra admits to the press that she had used Nairobi's son to lure her to the window to be shot, that she was later killed by the chief of security of the bank, Gandía, as supported by Colonel Tamayo, and that Rio was buried alive. Tamayo watches her televised speech in disgust.

Benjamín and Marseille go to a Chinese restaurant to begin constructing a tunnel that leads to the parking garage of the Supreme Court, where Lisbon is brought to testify. Meanwhile, Gandía is restrained and regains consciousness. As Sierra is fired and legal proceedings are initiated against her, she begins a pursuit of the Professor on her own.

Sierra deduces that Antoñanzas must be a mole, and tracks down his wife. Sierra extracts information from her that he had been found in the pool with two friends in the middle of the night. Sierra holds the security guard of the apartment building at gunpoint in order for her to get the security camera footage, and finds the footage of Antoñanzas being helped out of the pool by the Professor, as well as the license plate of his car from the parking lot.

Meanwhile, the Professor transmits a signal of a fake parking garage so that Benjamín and his crew can drill the hole to the parking garage and rescue Lisbon without being noticed by the guards. At the bank, the gang forces Gandía to radio to Tamayo that he plans to begin another attack. Meanwhile, Benjamín and his crew disguise themselves as a judge, lawyer and prisoner, and when Lisbon is escorted from the court through the parking garage, they take control of the guards. They strap them with bombs, bring in a woman disguised as Lisbon, and force them to take their normally scheduled route outside of the parking garage. Lisbon crawls through the tunnel from the parking garage to the Chinese restaurant. As the gang fires their weapons, they force Gandía to radio to Tamayo that he is going to the roof and requests to be airlifted out.

The Professor intercepts Tamayo's request for a helicopter, and brings his own, that was acquired on the black market, piloted by Marseille to transport Lisbon to the bank. The gang creates a ruse on the roof to create the impression that Gandía is fighting.

Lisbon, disguised as police, descends onto the roof, and is reunited with the gang; they cheer and chant "for Nairobi!" just as Sierra finds the Professor's hideout, and holds him at gunpoint and taunting him saying that Checkmate.


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  • This marks the first episode in which Nairobi does not appear.
  • The credit song is Bella Ciao. Sung by Najwa Nimri, who portrayed Alicia Sierra.