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The Toledo House was the location where the original robbers stayed for five months in preparation for the Royal Mint of Spain heist. The house is mostly isolated from the surrounding area of Palomeque, a principality in the province of Toledo.[1] The house can have about nine people living there at a time. The most notable room is the classroom. The rooms walls are covered in the plans for the heist. There are eight desks, a chalk board, tables, and a model of the Royal Mint of Spain. The Professor teaches the robbers everything they need to know about the heist in that room.


June 2016

In June 2016, the Professor recruited eight robbers including Silene Oliveira. He brings these eight individuals into this house, for a period of five months.[2]

Within this 640 ha property[3], the Professor explains to them the details of the heist plan. The robbers each have their own room.[2]

October 2016

Raquel realises that the robbers needed a place to plan and practice shooting for their heist. Therefore, she asks all the teams to look for a property with a shooting area around Palomeque pharmacy where Retroxil was purchased. The police scoured the city of Toledo and ended up finding the house where the robbers had trained.

Arriving on the scene, Raquel, the forensic police, and the teams of SuĂĄrez discover that there are empty bottles that could give the DNA of the robbers and even the sales records of the Palomeque pharmacy. The Professor's entire plan seems to have been uncovered. In reality, the Professor has, once again, planned everything. He purposely left the police a crime scene filled with small unnecessary details to gives the robbers time to print even more money, which Raquel understands pretty quickly.