Silene Oliveira, better known by her code-name Tokyo, is one of the main protagonists of the Netflix series Money Heist, as well as the narrator of the story. She is a member of the heist crew set to rob the Royal Mint of Spain.




Tokyo is an interesting character. She can be very impulsive and immature at times letting her relationship with Rio complicated the plans a number of times. Tokyo is confident and doesn't mind using her looks and sexuality to her advantage. however, her love for Rio is genuine which shows how she can be very protective and loving with the people she truly cares about.


Special Relationships: Edit

  • Rio: For the first two seasons and part of the third, Rio was Tokyo's boyfriend with whom she spent two years after the robbery at the Royal Mint. It is one of the few people in the crew, with the function to occasional compassionate and loving, and occurring that deeply break.
  • Denver: Tokyo flirts with Denver in season 4, after both of them have been broken up with. It is unclear whether they have feelings for each other or are just trying to get over their exes. Rio confronts Denver about his feelings for Tokyo.
  • Berlin: Out of all the people in the crew, Berlin is one of the people that Tokyo disliked the most. She had defied and challenged him on multiple occasions throughout the show, even going so far as to hold him at gunpoint to get him to do what she wanted. The height of her aggression with Berlin was when she played Russian Roulette with him in the bathroom, which drove Berlin to tie her to a cart and push her out of the Royal Mint.
  • The Professor : He was the first person that Tokyo meets in the crew, and was the one who saved her from a life spent in jail. Throughout the series, Tokyo has shown to greatly admire and respect The Professor, even going so far as to call him her 'guardian angel'.


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