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! This article is about the Korean character. For the Spanish character, see Tokyo.

Tokyo  Korean:   도쿄 ) is one of the main characters in the Netflix series Money Heist: Korea - Joint Economic Area, portrayed by actor Jun Jong-seo.


Tokyo grew up in Pyeongyang, North Korea. She was a fan of BTS and would secretly listen to their music in her room. She later joined the North Korean army and fought in the war against South Korea.

After the reunification of North and South Korea, Tokyo moved from Pyeongyang to Seoul. An immigration broker deceived her, leading Tokyo to lose both her job and her home. She began waitressing at a restaurant and performing at Club Moranbong. Her boss encourage her to try the drug ice.

Suddenly, several people burst into the room. A woman covered in blood collapsed on the floor. The men explained that she tried to escape without paying off her debts. Her arm was covered in needle wounds. Tokyo suddenly realized that the girl was her former co-worker at a restaurant.

Tokyo accused the men of being thieves and was slapped. Her boss straddled her, but Tokyo managed to push him off. During the altercation, he pushed her head through a window, and she shot him with a gun. After shooting the other men, she invited the other girl to escape with her.[1]

Physical Appearance