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We're Back  es.  Hemos vuelto ) is the first episode of Part 3 of Netflix's Money Heist. It aired on July 19, 2019.


When Río is captured, a distraught Tokyo turns to the Professor for help. Armed with a bold new plan, they reunite the team in order to rescue him.


! Warning: This section contains spoilers.

The series opens with former hostage Arturo Román getting out of a taxi and entering a theatre. He is revealed to be a motivational speaker. He tells the audience about his experiences as a hostage whilst describing the robbers as “terrorists” and “monsters”. The gang are shown to all be living in exotic locations with little police. Nairobi and Helsinki are in Argentina; Denver, Mónica and their son Cincinnati are in Indonesia.

Tokyo and Rio have been living on their paradise island in Guna Yula, Panama, for the past two years. She eventually admits to Rio that she is bored of the island and wants a few days in the city. Rio reluctantly lets her go and gives her a satellite phone so that they can contact each other. Tokyo has fun in the city, merrymaking, dancing and drinking.

After a couple of days, Rio becomes bored and calls her. The call is picked up by the Europol as it is an intercepted phone. The authorities act quickly and hunt the two down in their locations. Tokyo manages to escape from the chase but Rio is caught and arrested.

Three years before, it is shown how the gang escaped in a boat from Portugal. They are ecstatic to have escaped with nearly €1 billion. The Professor hands one file each for two people containing details of their safe locations, one per continent, where they cannot be tracked. He also gives them phone numbers, also one per continent, which can be called in case of grave emergency. The calls will be answered by carriers, which are sleeper cells which will take them safely to the Professor.

In the present, Tokyo, who has escaped across the border to Colombia, contacts her carrier. After eleven days of hectic travel with the carrier, she meets the Professor in a temple in Thailand. She tells him about what happened.

Raquel is now living with the Professor and her family in Palawan, in the Philippines. He asks her and her family to leave for the island of Mindanao, as Tokyo has arrived there and needs his help. When the two women meet, he has some trouble explaining to Tokyo that Raquel, formerly an inspector, is now on their side. Raquel slaps Tokyo hard, and asks her to call her Lisbon now. Lisbon deduces that the satellite phone Tokyo bought in Casablanca was in fact registered and trackable. The three decipher that Rio is currently being tortured as the authorities have not announced his arrest to the public. When Tokyo tells him that Helsinki also bought such a satellite phone, he wants the whole gang to come together for safety.

Denver, Mónica (now known as Stockholm), Nairobi and Helsinki arrive and reunite with the others. They have dinner together and Tokyo breaks the news that Rio is arrested. Nairobi and Denver are annoyed when finding out that Rio could have avoided using the phones but agree to help him. The Professor reveals to Tokyo that another heist will be done. This heist will involve stealing gold from the Bank of Spain. It is revealed to be Berlin’s idea, years before he died.

In flashback, the Professor and Berlin meet in Florence, Italy, and Berlin takes him to a monastery on which he has spent money for renovation. He shows him around the place. We see Palermo for the first time. Berlin also tells the Professor about his new wife, Tatiana.

In the present, the gang are all heading up to the same monastery to start planning this heist. They all get out of the cars and walk inside. New members Bogotá, Palermo and Marseille are seen; this is also Stockholm and Lisbon’s first heist after joining the gang. The monastery room has been converted into a classroom and the gang sit down as the Professor explains rules. Nairobi asks him to get to the point and tell them how they will rob the Bank of Spain.

Days later, a large zeppelin with a Dali logo is seen riding above Madrid. The zeppelin starts pouring money out, which causes people to grab money and the city to go into chaos. (This is similar to the cancelled Plan Chernobyl in Part 2.)


Main Cast

Supporting Cast


  • Haunted House- The Madcaps [1]
  • La Flor y el Libro- La Fanfarria del Capitán [2]
  • Timebomb Zone- The Prodigy [3]
  • Pretty Kinda Dirty- goodpeople [4]
  • El Preso- Fruko Y Sus Tesos [5]
  • My Life is going on (Rock Version)- Cecilia Krull [6]


  • Luka Peroš and Najwa Nimri are not credited as main cast members, despite appearing in the episode.
  • This is the only episode in the show thus far to not have any opening titles. Instead cast members were listed on screen during the first scene.
  • According to Money Heist: The Phenomenon, a lot of fake money was used in the scene of the zeppelin dropping money over Madrid. Due to the rain, the fake money clumped together which made the scene difficult to film. There were also many extras on site. The scene was filmed in Callao Square in downtown Madrid.


  1. Credited as "Bailarina"