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Your Place in Heaven  Spanish:   Tu sitio en el cielo ) is the fourth episode of Part 5 of Netflix's Money Heist. It aired on September 3, 2021.


With Helsinki's life in danger, the thieves mount a covert counter attack. Years earlier, Berlin and his son conduct their first heist together.


Helsinki get Injured because of roof blowing. The professor again gains control and starts guide the team. But The heist team is surrounded by the military.

In the flashback, Berlin plan to conduct a heist with his team, son Patrick Criado (Rafael) and wife. They did it successfully but Berlin teach a lesson to his son of Patrick's arrogance by throwing a gold suitcase into the water. But later they take the gold suitcase back.

In the present, the fight continues. Helsinki's condition is getting worst. The heist team reaches near to Helsinki. Helsinki tells Palermo to cut his leg as it is very hard to move the large marble statue from his leg. On the side, professor gives order to set free the all hostages without masks to distract the snipers on the roof. Lisbon did a trick by putting a mic in governor's handcuff. All the hostages and the heist team (Tokyo, Manila and Denver) come on the roof and remove the masks. Palermo's team tried to remove the status by using a beam.

Professor calls Tamayo and make him to hear Tamayo's recording recorded by the mic in the handcuff. Professor threats Tamayo to stop the attack. Tamayo gives an order to stop the attack. Palermo's team remove the statue. But again the firing starts on the roof and inside the bank. Then After the signal from Palermo, all three (Tokyo, Manila and Denver) jump from the roof into the bank through broken roof. After this move from the heist team, The military team is surrounded by the heist team.

Sagasta demands for backup team, but Tamayo refuses. Sagasta's team throws grenades and starts firing instead of surrender. Gandia uses his fingerprint to shut the doors with the safety lock so that nobody can enter.


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